NECK AND NECK: Polling in Battleground States is Closer Than It Was in 2016

An aggregate of state poll in the most crucial polls in the 2020 election reveal that the election is even closer than the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton led in an average swing state polls by 4.6% on August 30, 2016, whereas Joe Biden leads by only a razor thin margin of 2.7% today.

RealClearPolitics counts Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona as their Top Battlegrounds swing states, and has averaged a polling index of every poll taken in the states on a rolling basis.

The polling aggregate also doesn’t take swing states such as Minnesota into account. The Trump campaign has increasingly targeted the reliably blue state(voted for a Democrat in every Presidential election since 1972), with many residents of the states sick of the damages inflicted by Black Lives Matter race rioters onto their community.

The latest Trafalgar Group poll shows the President leading by 47% to 45% in Michigan, representing the reversal of a 10% lead on the part of Joe Biden some pollsters had claimed their surveys were demonstrating.

Mainstream media organizations have entirely ceased releasing national and state polls since the Democratic convention, perhaps indicating a reluctance to release polls that show establishment Democrat Joe Biden’s seemingly insurmountable lead being cut down to size or eliminated entirely.

Expect Biden to emerge from his basement to engage in a handful of carefully planned public events in which he’ll take one or two scripted questions. And perhaps plans from leading Democrats for their candidate to skip the presidential debates are permanently on ice.

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