Neocon Fraud Mark Levin Rages Out at House Freedom Caucus for Opposing Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker

Neoconservative fraud and Iraq War cheerleader Mark Levin is raging out at members of the House Freedom Caucus for having the audacity to oppose RINO Kevin McCarthy as House speaker.

Levin, who falsely postures as some kind of constitutionalist despite supporting big government during the Bush era, threw a tantrum over the credible challenge made by House Freedom Caucus members against the coronation of McCarthy as House Speaker despite his long record of failure and cowardice.

“Who are these five boneheads?” Levin said, to describe the hardline conservative lawmakers, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). “How can they be so stupid?”

Levin called Gaetz a “very clever debater” but said he was “utterly useless.” He called Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) a “phony conservative” and said Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) is a “moron.”

“They know they have no plan B. They know they have no plan at all! The other conservatives in the Freedom Caucus and House where they have finally figured this out, but what’s what these five knuckleheads?” he said. “They’re playing right into the hands of the Democrats, right into the hands of the establishment Republicans, right into the hands of the media!”

Big League Politics has reported on McCarthy’s long-standing record of opposing the 2nd Amendment in Congress:

“Back in 2017 when President Donald Trump embraced gun control in the form of a ban on “bump stocks,” he was being advised by establishment villains who encouraged him to turn his back on the 2nd Amendment.

Chief among them was Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who now hopes to become the next House speaker with a slim Republican majority in Congress…

After the suspicious mass shooting in Las Vegas that was covered up by authorities and memory holed, McCarthy took aim at gun rights, claiming that he talked to “a number of [Congressmen] who want to look into” banning bump stocks, which can be used to modify semiautomatic firearms to mimic automatic weapons.

“I think this is an area we can look at,” he said, joining the drive of former House Speaker Paul Ryan who was leading the charge.

“Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time,” Ryan said during an appearance on MSNBC. “Apparently, this allows you to take a semiautomatic and turn it into a fully automatic. So clearly that’s something we need to look into.”

Gun Owners of America graded McCarthy a woeful “D” rating on gun rights for his heinous voting record against the 2nd Amendment, citing the following terrible measures:

  • Voted to continue funding an illegal gun registry, when the ATF was unlawfully compiling the names of those who had made multiple firearms purchases;
  • Voted against an amendment that would not only have limited the ability of the National Security Agency to wiretap groups like Gun Owners of America, but would have required the FBI to secure a warrant before searching the billions of phone calls, texts and emails swept up the NSA; and,
  • Refused to cosponsor the Constitutional Carry reciprocity bill (H.R. 38), which was GOA’s signature piece of legislation that we were pushing this Congress.

Thanks to the counsel of RINOs like McCarthy, President Donald Trump would go on to ban bump stocks – one of the most shameful and unconstitutional policies he enacted as president.

Levin is once again tricking patriots into accepting excuses for having RINO leadership. He is a Bush-era holdover who subverts and undermines the cause of America First and is very well paid by the establishment for his shill routine.

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