Neocon Hack Bill Kristol Redefines July 4th

Neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol is among the most vociferous critics of right-wing populism. His long-time advocacy of never-ending wars and mass migration make him a sworn enemy of anyone who believes in preserving the Historic American nation and its foundational principles. 

Previously, a staunch Republican, Kristol has hedged his political takes to become more amenable to neoliberals in the Democratic Party. 

In an America where a large number of people no longer believe in its founding ethos, people have added their own spin to events like July 4 — the day the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and officially announced its secession from the British Empire — to fit their own ideological narratives. Some individuals are rejecting July 4 outright and replacing it with holidays like Juneteenth, which effectively creates a parallel holiday that further cements the US’s post-national shift 

Individuals like Kristol have not completely abandoned July 4, but he has still gone out of his way to spin the meaning of this monumental episode in American history. In a tweet, he posted on July 3, Kristol stated the following: 

July 4th is the anti-MAGA holiday: It stands for equal rights, consent of the governed, leaders with honor, and the belief we can help others enjoy these rights and secure government by consent of the governed. As the key American holiday, July 4th stands against ‘America First.’


Like most people who despise Trump, Kristol finds every political event as a way to lash out against Trump and his supporters. Trump is truly living rent-free in the heads of Kristol and his many Never Trump acolytes.

The Kristolites are a malign tumor on the US’s body politic. 

Chief among the right-wing populist movement’s tasks is to make sure that Kristol and his ilk are completely discredited, thereby making it impossible for them to take back power. 

After causing so much mayhem during the Bush years, Kristol and co have no business occupying serious positions of political leadership. Rational polities cannot tolerate such pernicious actors to operate in politics with such levels of impunity. Support Big League Politics by making a donation today. You can also donate via PayPal, Venmo or donate crypto. Your support helps us take on the powerful and report the truth that the mainstream media wants to silence.

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