Neocon Pundit Wishes Cancer on Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Trump

Like clockwork, a neoconservative writer resorts to smear tactics to sully right wing figures who dare challenge the status quo.

Shay Khatiri, a writer for the neocon outlet the Bulwark and a fan of establishment darling Nikki Haley, recently tweeted about Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Donald Trump and how there is “no justice in this world” because they’re alive and well.

He specifically tweeted, “John McCain, Charles Krauthammer, and now John Lewis get cancer. Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Donald Trump are healthy. There is no justice in this world.”

Such smears are typical of the establishment right, who seek to attack anyone who asks uncomfortable questions about the politically correct environment surrounding us.

Individuals like Paul, Buchanan, and Trump have been some of the most powerful figures during the last three decades who have brought forth disruptive political platforms that challenged sacred tenets of the managerial state.

It’s no wonder why establishment conservative commentator Ben Shapiro smeared these three figures in the past and called them “alt-right.”

Sometimes, we have to remember that there are unsavory truths out there and they must be debated. Throwing a fit and calling people “racist” or lumping them with vague groups such as “white nationalists” or “alt-right” does the Right no favors.

Instead, it should behave with maturity and grapple with controversial ideas.

Censoring and thought-policing is province of the Left and should stay that way.

The Right should stop doing the Left’s heavy lifting and actually practice free speech for a change.