Neocon Warmonger Ben Shapiro Attacks Candace Owens, Threatens Her Employment Over ‘Christ is King’ Proclamation

Neoconservative warmonger Ben Shapiro launched into vicious attacks against Candace Owens on Wednesday over her proclamation that “Christ is King.”

Owens, who works under Shapiro at “The Daily Wire,” made posts about refusing to let money be her master, which apparently triggered the diminutive Israel firster.

Owens refused to back down in response to Shapiro’s classless and unprovoked attacks.

Shapiro has also been blasting Owens during public appearances for her opposition to endless war in the Middle East under the pretenses of protecting the state of Israel.

Owens went on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter livestream program where she rebuked Shapiro using facts and logic:

Big League Politics has reported on Shapiro being a fraud since his days as a leading Never Trumper when he refused to support Trump against Hillary Clinton back in 2016:

Since Ben Shapiro’s meltdown on a BBC show with Neil Smith, the Internet has been chattering about this latest outrage incident, with many people on the Right coming to his defense.

BLP coverage of this encounter shows this is just another case of Shapiro losing his cool when confronted with an opponent that will actually put him outside of his comfort zone.

In light of this recent exchange, several individuals in the liberty fold and Dissident Right have reminded people of Shapiro’s gatekeeping ways. It’s easy to symphathize with Shapiro given the Left’s absolutely unhinged behavior in recent years. However, many on the Right would be wise to not label Shapiro as a hero that must be blindly supported.

Today’s environment of outrage politics sometimes makes people forget about certain pundit’s long-track record of PC grand-standing. Shapiro being one of them.

For example, in 2016, Shapiro lumped Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul with the likes of the Alt-Right in a lazy smear attempt to discredit their ideas that fall outside the realm of acceptable opinions…

It wasn’t too long ago that Shapiro joined the PC mob in believing that ABC was correct in firing RoseAnne Barr after poking fun of Valerie Jarrett, a former senior advisor of Barack Obama.

A seasoned counter-signaler, Shapiro also came to filmaker James Gunn’s defense after journalists like Mike Cernovich uncovered a series of tweets where Gunn non-chalantly talks about pedophilia…

For that reason, Shaprio’s past behavior should make individuals skeptical about his faithfulness to fighting the PC establishment and its many minions. Often times, the biggest enemies against PC culture come from within.”

Shapiro has once again shown his true colors. He is an America Last Christ-hater who exists as an ideological hall monitor for the conservative movement on behalf of the reviled political establishment.

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