Neocons Strike Again: Former CIA Director Wants America Back In Afghanistan

The last four years have not treated neocons well, which usually entails a rare win for the American people. Indeed, President Trump served as the embodiment of America First conservatism that they could hurl all their hatred and vitriol at, many going so far as to actively cheerlead for Biden during the last election cycle. This should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention as it is no secret that neocons started out as disgruntled Democrats who could not stand the Democrat party having the gall to oppose the Vietnam War one iota.

Now that they have had their latest wish granted with the Biden regime officially in power, the neocons seem to be itching to bring back the glory days of endless wars and gutting the working class even with continued free trade. According to The Epoch Times, former CIA director Leon Panetta is calling the attack at Kabul on the 26th of August Biden’s “worst nightmare” and wants to see a return of American armed forces to the stone age country in order to attempt the same thing that was done for the last twenty years and expect a different result. Many will be familiar with the term this tactic represents.

In order to portray some semblance of reason, Panetta remarked that “I understand that we’re trying to get our troops out of there, but the bottom line is, we can leave a battlefield, but we can’t leave the war on terrorism, which still is a threat to our security,”. The incident Panetta is using to justify potentially wasting yet another $2 trillion on was the attack on Kabul Airport, whose death toll is in triple-digit territory and includes 13 Americans. Panetta conveniently failed to mention that this is the result of the botch evacuation presided over by the Biden regime, but then again forgetfulness seems to be a hallmark of Democrat rhetoric nowadays.

It appears that a splinter group of ISIS, officially ISIS-Khorasan, is claiming responsibility for the attack, going so far as to brag about being able to circumvent American-built security fortifications. Apparently, one of ISIS-Khorasan’s main pickles with the Taliban is that the Taliban’s interpretation of Islam is a bit too laissez-faire for their taste, hence the separate organization. Because surely, the theocracy envisioned by the Taliban can be beefed up to include enlightened edicts such as officially declaring women to be property and Christians as chattel slaves.

As the August 31st deadline approaches for the Biden regime to evacuate all American nationals from Afghanistan, many wonder if this will be a sufficient timeline to complete the task given, the Biden regime’s almost innate ability to conduct any operation in the worst possible manner. Many are also wondering why the supposed leader of the most powerful military in human history is taking terms from stone-age people who were somehow able to retake a country occupied by said powerful military in a matter of weeks. But asking such questions might soon make you a potential domestic terrorist threat.

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