Neoliberal Oligarch George Soros Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Billionaire oligarch George Soros all but endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President when speaking to the New York Times on Friday, explaining that he viewed the Massachusetts senator as the “most qualified” candidate for President.

Soros wasn’t explicit in giving Warren his full endorsement- likely hoping to preserve personal political access to other Democratic candidates should they win the nomination- but made it clear he was at least tacitly in her camp.

The Hungarian-born financier is one of the wealthiest people in the United States. He’s poured billions of dollars into promoting a globalist agenda, ranging from propping up progressive front groups to outright funding illegal immigration.

Soros has a net worth of almost ten billion dollars, and has stashed countless billions more in his financial investment companies and liberal pressure group, the Open Society Foundations. He’d likely be liable to pay more in taxes under Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax policy plan.

However, Soros’ endorsement may speak to the possibility that Warren wouldn’t actually enact a wealth act. If the megabillionaire were to use his vast personal fortune to support her candidacy, he’d likely possess great personal leverage over President Warren.

Soros had previously bemoaned what he perceived as his lack of influence within the Obama administration, stating that he would’ve preferred a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Soros also believes that Warren is the “clear cut person to beat” within the current structure of the Democratic Primary. He slammed President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of American forces from northern Syria, claiming that bringing home American troops from an endless war was damaging to the United States’ influence throughout the world.

As Warren is endorsed by the infamous oligarch, it’s worth questioning if she’s seeking the support of everyday, working-class American people or the widely detested political elite.

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