Nevada U.S. Congressional Candidate Drew Johnson Allegedly Committed Felony Perjury Through Falsifying Place of Residence

A police complaint obtained by Big League Politics that will be filed against U.S. House of Representatives candidate Drew Johnson in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District indicating that he committed felony perjury by lying about his place of residence.

While lying on its own is not a crime and certainly something many are used to hearing from politicians, lying under oath or under the penalty of perjury is a crime, and anyone who commits a crime should be held accountable for their own actions,” the complaint states.

The timeline presented in the complaint shows that Drew Johnson registered to vote in Nevada despite claiming in a USA Today affiliate paper to be a resident of Madison County, Montana. When running for Clark County Commissioner, Johnson claimed to be a resident of the county for eight years. The address he listed was apparently a mailbox center. From this evidence, it appears that Johnson may be jumping between different seats in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a career politician.

Big League Politics has reported on Johnson’s bizarre anti-cop and pro-porn record and how he is completely out of step in the America First Republican Party:

“Failed county commissioner candidate Drew Johnson has announced his campaign for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District…

Johnson is claiming to be a principled outsider, but a closer look into his record shows that his branding is a lie. Johnson is a beltway elitist at heart, a corporatist libertarian who uses small government rhetoric as lip gloss to conceal a deeply unpopular America Last agenda.

Johnson has frequently used his social media  platform as a think tank intellectual to oppose the death penalty, bash police officers, promote porn as a “miracle product,” and similarly promote strip clubs as a preventative measure against child abuse. Absurd assertions on their face, and you don’t need to dig too far to find them.

While LVMPD’s ranks dwindle and the crime rate rises, knowing how your elected officials view the law enforcement profession is essential. Here’s a post from a while back that Johnson attempted to conceal to voters by deleting it:

This isn’t an isolated case. After claiming “trash men and farmers” have a more dangerous profession than police, Johnson repeated the same statement almost word for word:

The whole thing can be read here. It’s not encouraging to see a congressional candidate express Antifa’s view of police or, for that matter, help drunk drivers evade police capture…

Speaking of deterrents, Drew Johnson is a big fan of internet porn and strip clubs because he believes they satisfy rapists, cheaters, and child abusers in the same way a drunk can turn to seltzer water.

This is a view Johnson has held for a while. The tweet above doubles down on a 2013  disaster op-ed where he goes in-depth on why he believes pornography is a “miracle product.”

“A miracle product exists that is responsible for dramatically reducing the number of rapes and sexual assaults in America…

Even though this invention has proven so beneficial, millions of Americans want to moderate and even eliminate it. Why? Because the thing reducing rape and sexual assault, and producing a safer, more family-friendly society, is really, really offensive to a lot of Americans: low or no-cost, high quality online pornography.”

He goes on to explain (emphasis added):

“Internet pornography has served as a firewall, satiating would-be rapists and protecting their potential victims…

[I]ndividuals who may have broken up their marriages by cheating on their spouses in the past now find sexual gratification through porn, rather than searching for intimate relationships outside their marriages.”

Johnson’s bizarre views make him the wrong choice for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. This RINO should be flushed in the primary.”

It remains to be seen if this police complaint will be properly investigated, but nevertheless, Johnson has proven himself to be too sleazy and disreputable to represent Nevada voters in the 3rd Congressional District.

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