Never Trump Fanatic Ana Navarro Defends Big Tech

Held Monday, 2/19/2018, Ana Navarro, GOP Strategist and Political Contributor to CNN, ABC News, and Telemundo, presented this Citi Foundation Lecture. Details: This photo is copyrighted by Michigan Photography and the University of Michigan. To purchase and use this photo, contact Michigan Photography directly or visit to find this image in their public web gallery. Mandatory photo credit may be attributed to: Michigan Photography.

Reliable Never Trump acolyte Ana Navarro defends Big Tech censorship.

After being pressured by followers for her selective praise of Hispanic entertainers like Gloria and Emilio Estefan, she started her inevitable descent towards Never Trumping.

Eventually, the conversation devolved into a discussion about Tech censorship, of which Navarro sided with Silicon Valley censors.

Navarro said “I applaud Facebook for banning ppl who violate policies by peddling, hate, conspiracy theories & lies which trigger crazies & put ppl at risk.”

The CNN commentator has a proven history of political elitisim, most evident in a debate between her and Steve Cortes , in which she filed her nails while Steve Cortes was talking about immigration.

Navarro’s comments are the latest of Never Trump praise for Big Tech censorship.

BLP covered Erick Erickson’s dismissal of conservative commentators such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Laura Loomer as “reactionaries.”

Other legacy conservatives like Cabot Phillips counter-signaled his support for free-markets in this case, despite the fact that Big Tech companies enjoy many state privileges that allow them to act as publishers but also have the benefits of platforms.

This latest outcry may be the tipping point for the Trump administration to take a stand against Silicon Valley’s social media thought policing.


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