Never-Trump Lincoln Project, Founded by Accused Sex Predator, Pulls Up to Georgia in Creepy Black Van

The “Never Trump” grifter organization Lincoln Project pulled up to Georgia in a creepy black van last week to oppose electoral reform in the state.

The Lincoln Project is attempting to make the point that the Republican Party is the “new Jim Crow caucus” for wanting to stop gangster vote steals from occurring in the state similar to what happened last year.

The Georgia GOP leaders in the state, most shamefully Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, looked the other way while Democrat riggers committed blatant fraud. This resulted in two squandered Senate seats for Georgia as Republican voters could no longer trust the process.

However, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project was recently accused of approaching young men on the internet for the purposes of lurid sex acts. Rolling a creepy van into town considering these circumstances is demonstrating a severe lack of self-awareness.

Big League Politics has reported on allegations that former Republican Party operative John Weaver groomed 21 young men as his fellow grifter buddies looked the other way while scheming with him:

A new report has claimed that Lincoln Project leadership thought of turning their super PAC into a media organization and bringing John Weaver on board, even though they knew about grooming allegations against him.

The New York Times published the report Monday afternoon, which was titled “Inside the Lincoln Project’s Secrets, Side Deals and Scandals.”

Co-founder Steve Schmidt held a meeting at his Utah home a few days before the 2020 election to discuss transforming the Lincoln Project into a massive media organization. He said to the group that “five years from now, there will be a dozen billion-dollar media companies that don’t exist today. I would like to build one, and would invite all of you to be part of that.”

According to the New York Times, Schmidt had already filed papers to create TLP Media back in September and October 2020 with Reed Galen, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver. The report said that “its aim was to transform the original project, a super PAC, into a far more lucrative venture under their control.”

But it has been established that Schmidt and other leaders knew about the allegations against Weaver as early as March 2020, despite previously claiming they didn’t.

The Lincoln Project is a seedy operation even for the standards of the fetid Washington D.C. swamp. The Democrats embrace the refuse of the GOP establishment at their own peril.

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