NeverTrump-Backed Florida State House Candidate Brad Yeager Rakes in Thousands of Establishment Campaign Funds

Florida State House candidate Brad Yeager has billed himself as a staunch opponent of the “radical, left-wing ideology of the Biden administration and Congress” to voters in District 56, but Yeager’s deep ties to Never Trumpers and establishment RINO backers raise serious questions about his authenticity.

Shortly after announcing his intention to run for office, Yeager received the enthusiastic support of one of the state’s most vocal anti-Trump figures: Pasco County Tax Collector and former Florida State House speaker Mike Fasano. Fasano hated Trump so much that he vocally proclaimed his support for Joe Biden for President in 2020.

“I want you to know I’m as Republican as it gets, a conservative Republican,” Fasano said in an ad aimed at tricking Republicans into voting for Biden. “But Donald Trump is an embarrassment…to our country, and to the rest of the world.”

“His lack of decency, compassion, integrity, and patriotism is so far removed from the Reagan Revolution — which included Reagan Democrats and Reagan independents — it’s unrecognizable,” he added, urging Republicans to vote for Biden “to get back to these values, regardless of party labels.”

The ad can be seen here:

Blood is on the hands of Fasano for selling his soul and getting on board with Biden’s extremist agenda that is destroying the prosperity of hard-working Americans in Florida and nationwide. By getting in bed with Fasano and the Never Trumpers, Yeager has sent a clear signal to the RINO establishment that he is their guy.

Yeager has accumulated donations from powerful interests who have contributed mightily to Joe Biden, Liz Cheney, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the Florida Democratic Party, Congressman Charlie Crist after his switch to Democrat, Former US Senator and current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, and the reviled Lincoln Project.

Between Brent Sembler, Derek and Courtney Whitis, James Gustafson, Scott Fink, James Pooley, Christopher Ligori and Florida Campground PAC, these pro-Democrat, anti-Trump interests have donated at least $111,932 to Democratic and liberal candidates or causes over the years. They have coalesced around Yeager, donating tens of thousands to his campaign, believing Yeager is the candidate who represents their liberal values.

Additionally, Yeager’s desperate and disingenuous attacks against law enforcement and the military show the depths in which the man is willing to stoop in order to obtain power. Yeager’s campaign has attacked his America First competitor Scott Moore as a tool of the Obama administration for serving the military and enforcing border security.

Moore worked in the Air Force as a Senior Intelligence Analyst and a Senior Special Agent in the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement during the administrations of Obama and President Donald Trump. He also worked as a Special Agent at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement under Governor Ron DeSantis. Yeager’s campaign is attempting to spin Moore’s heroic record of service to his country as a negative to dupe voters.

“Brad Yeager, who has never served a day in the military or law enforcement, has staked his campaign on attacking veterans and law enforcement for trying to keep this country safe. He should apologize immediately to my fellow veterans and members of law enforcement. Like so many others who I served with, I didn’t ask whether the President I was serving under was Democrat or Republican, I just wanted to serve the people of the United States of America,” said Moore, who is also demanding that Yeager return all of his “Never Trump” and Democrat donations.

The attacks against Moore are a slap in the face of all patriots in the military and law enforcement who have resisted the purge that has been enacted by Democrats and continue to serve their country in the face of tremendous institutional adversity. Yeager’s financial backing, ‘Never Trump’ ties and disrespect for America’s bravest heroes demonstrate that he is an imposter and unfit to serve as state representative for Florida’s 56th house district.

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