#NeverTrump Ben Shapiro Calls Laura Loomer ‘Nutty Human Being’ After Maxine Waters Confrontation

A radio show host who has deemed himself to be America’s moral conscience had some sharp criticism for journalist Laura Loomer, who confronted Maxine Waters over Waters’ directive for citizens to harass supporters and officials of President Donald J. Trump’s administration.

“Laura Loomer, who is kind of a nutty human being, in my perspective, confronted Maxine Waters,” said Ben Shapiro, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” during today’s episode. “Now I will say, turnabout is fair play when it comes to Maxine Waters. She’s calling on people to be pushed on. I think that creating a certain sense of mutually assured destruction – this is not the country we want, so you better figure this out – uh, that’s not unwarranted.”

Thank goodness for Shapiro’s approval of Loomer’s tactics, otherwise the investigative reporter, who is known for confronting public figures, might have had to close up shop for good.

Shapiro then showed the clip of Loomer’s altercation with Waters, first reported by Big League Politics, in which Waters crows like a crazy person in the face of Loomer’s questions.

To his credit, Shapiro managed to point out the irony in Waters’ request for Loomer to come to her office and “talk civilly,” which is the exact opposite of what Waters suggested be done to Trump officials.

Still, Shapiro’s criticism is snobbiness is pesky at best. Journalism is sometimes a contact sport. Someone must have the nerve to confront our elected officials and hold them accountable. So far, Shapiro has not shown even slight willingness to do that, instead critiquing everyone else’s behavior from his comfortable Los Angeles studio.

Watch the full clip.


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