New ‘America First’ Organization Emerges on College Campuses

America First Coalition Logo

(Nick Reidy is the Founder/President of the America First Coalition)

This nation has been going through troubling times. Marxists and Anarchists loot and pillage through our streets unabated. The institutions we once looked to uphold our democratic principles are now actively looking to sow division and erode our individual freedoms.

In February of 2020 when the College Republicans at UC Santa Cruz were assaulted by two leftist students for simply doing a tabling event on their own campus. The entire incident was caught on video and it was shocking to witness such a brutal act done in a place that is supposed to be ground zero for free speech.

Unfortunately this is only one of hundreds of incidents that have happened to campus conservatives across the United States. There is wide spread targeting of conservative organizations and individuals by whole college administrations, leftist faculty, and student governments who repeatedly attempt to snuff out there voice.

Enter the America First Coalition: an organization to act as a union for young conservatives, because too often they are left to deal with the mob on their own.

The main mission of the coalition is to defend conservatives first amendment rights and protect them against the woke SJW agenda on college campuses. It is also an effort to educate students to become active participants in grassroots conservative movements, helping to shape issues such as the harmful effects of illegal immigration, supporting the law and order, and protecting every American’s second amendment rights.

Recently the UMass Lowell College Republicans joined the coalition and have activated on their campus. Last week they posted flyers on campus announcing the America First Coalition is coming to universities across the country.

Luke Hartwell, the President of the UMass Lowell College Republicans commented on how excited he and his fellow chapter members were to join the coalition.

“Our club has joined the America First Coalition because we value the pursuit of further conservatism in America not regressing it. In these hard times where college wokeness has spread like a disease across college campuses we need to stand up together rather than fall in line.”

The coalition is currently looking to recruit college republican chapters and other conservative organizations on college campuses around the country. For more information on how to join the coalition send a direct message on Twitter to @AmerFirstUS .

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