New Camera Angle Shows Jacob Blake Brawling, Wrestling With Police Before Being Shot

A new camera angle of the confrontation between the Kenosha, Wisconsin police and Jacob Blake shows the 29-year old man brawling and wrestling with law enforcement seeking to apprehend him. The fight, on the passenger door side of Blake’s vehicle, ends when Blake approaches the driver’s car door and opens it, upon which he’s shot by police fearful he’s reaching for a weapon.

Blake was wanted by the Kenosha Police at the time of his arrest on a felony sexual assault warrant. He’s been charged with felonies on two other occasions in 2015 and 2016, although it’s unclear if he was convicted.

Initial reports from witnesses at the scene indicated that the police were merely apprehending Blake for “breaking up a fight.” That appears to be erroneous, and it’s more likely than not that the Kenosha Police were executing the felony warrant for his arrest.

The riots in Kenosha are escalating and similar criminal activity has surfaced in Madison, Wisconsin, with criminals, hooligans and left-wing political agitators attempting to capitalize on the outcry against the police shooting of a violent felon.

Blake was taken to an area hospital after being shot seven times, and is in critical condition. It’s not a good idea to physically fight police executing a sexual assault arrest warrant, try to get into a vehicle, and reach for an object that could conceivably be a weapon.



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