New German Chancellor Wants to Accelerate the Great Replacement by Pushing for More Immigration

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on December 15, 2021 that his government will allow multiple citizenships. In other words, immigrants can keep their existing nationality while also obtaining German nationality. 

Scholz stressed that Germany is “an immigration country” that must do a better job at integrating new arrivals during his first speech to parliament since he replaced Angela Merkel. 

In this speech, Scholz established an integrationist agenda. This speech comes against the backdrop of Germany’s controversial move to open its borders to Syrian refugees and other migrants 6 years ago.

Scholz said to parliamentarians: “It is high time we understand ourselves. Therefore it’s high time we make it easier to become a German citizen. It is only on this basis that we can make full integration and political participation possible.”

Migration to Germany skyrocketed in 2015 with over 2.1 million arrivals and 1 million departures throughout the year, largely driven by refugee inflows. 

In 2016, Merkel even admitted that her government bungled the refugee crisis as it became clear that Middle Eastern conflicts were generating a mass exodus of people. 

Migrant flows have dropped in the following years, especially when the Wuhan virus struck. According to Tim Wallace of The Telegraph, immigration fell to 1.2 million and emigration to slightly under 1 million, which resulted in a net immigration of 200,000, the lowest level since 2010. 

Scholz recently took office as the leader of a coalition made up of his own Social Democrats in addition to the Greens and the Free Democrats. 

Currently, Germany is 87% German. But with uncontrolled migration those numbers could decline precipitously in the next few decades. There are already sizable migrant groups such as Turks, which number from 4 to 7  million, that are notorious for leveraging their ethnic connections to shape German policy in a way that benefits their Turkish homeland. Enter the “Long Arm of Ankara.”

Like the rest of the West, Germany is experiencing a mass migration onslaught that could dramatically transform its political and socio-economic landscape for decades to come. Its leaders would be wise to start taking the immigration question seriously. This is one political issue that could mark the end of German civilization along with the rest of the West should the mass migration floodgates continue to be left open.

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