New Gun Control Legislation is Moving in the Michigan State House

Under current Michigan law, individuals convicted of felony domestic violence are barred from possessing a firearm for three years after serving their sentence. This is a rare charge that’s hardly pressed by prosecutors. 

However, lawmakers in the state want to change this policy. 

On October 3, 2023, the Michigan State House’s Criminal Justice Committee voted to move forward two bills, HB 4945 and HB 4946, that bans firearm possession for people charged with regular domestic violence offenses. 

State Representative Amos O-Neal sponsored both bills. 31 other states have similar laws on the books. 

Every Democrat on the committee voted in favor of the bill, whereas two Republicans abstained and one voted against it. 

“Those who have been convicted of abusing their spouse, partner, or children have no business owning a gun,” declared O’Neal, “These common-sense protections will make Michigan safer for survivors of domestic violence, especially those who are trying to leave an abusive relationship.”

Domestic violence should obviously be punished accordingly. However, felons who have served their time and have demonstrated that they’re not clear and present danger to society-at-large should eventually have their rights restored. 

That’s how justice is supposed to work in a free society. 

That said, there is something more insidious at play here. The potential passage of this law could lead to the further passage of laws that could expand to lesser, misdemeanor offenses. The legislation O’Neal is pushing is merely a “foot-in-the door” measure, if you will, that will be used as launchpad for future restrictions on the right to bear arms. 

After all, Gun Control Inc, is looking for every way possible to implement civilian disarmament measures. Disarming people for mere misdemeanor offenses is just one way they will reach this unconstitutional goal.

At one point, Michigan was competitive for Republicans, after former President Donald Trump won the state in 2016, owing in part to the working class realignment that has made Rust Belt states more competitive. However, it appears that the state is backsliding into Democratic control. 

With Democrats now becoming the party of civilian disarmament, they’re making their presence felt in Michigan now that they’re in power. If there’s one thing that can be said about the gun controllers, they don’t waste any chance to impose their political will on a population once they assume power. 

However, there is still hope to change the political environment in Michigan. Democrats only hold slim majorities in the State House (56-54) and State Senate (20-18), and the governorship is still competitive due to how Michigan is not as blue as states such as California and New York. At least not yet. 

So, there is still time for gun owners to tip the partisan balance in their favor. And one of the best ways to do that is to tap into the gun issue, which has significant transpartisan appeal. 

Doing so will keep Michigan from going into Gun Control Inc’s win column.

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