New Jan. 6 Footage Shows Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Was Not Killed by Protesters

New January 6 footage unearthed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson shows that Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was not killed by protesters, a defamatory accusation made by proponents of the Orwellian Jan. 6 show trial put on by Democrats and traitor Republicans last year.

“To this day, media accounts describe Sicknick as someone who was ‘slain’ on January 6th. The video we reviewed proves that is a lie. Here is surveillance footage of Sicknick walking in the Capitol AFTER he was supposedly murdered by the mob outside,” Carlson said on an episode of his eponymous Fox News program on Monday night.

“The January 6th Committee knew perfectly well that Brian Sicknick was walking normally through the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by Trump supporters. And they know that because they saw this tape. We can be sure because the footage contains an electronic bookmark that is still archived in the Capitol’s computer system,” Carlson added.

The proof can be seen here:

It is believed that Sicknick may have suffered a stroke during the federally-incited rioting that happened on Jan. 6.

Big League Politics reported on how Sicknick was denied medical treatment by Capitol police on that day that could have easily saved his life:

Two eyewitnesses have emerged to journalist Tayler Hansen to allege that pro-Trump officer Brian Sicknick was denied critical medical care on the scene of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol demonstration.

“In a vain attempt to cover their wrongdoings, Officer Sicknick was elevated to the level of a martyr, placed in the Capitol Rotunda for three days, and honored as their hero. What better place to hide a body than in plain sight, and then move it to Arlington National Cemetery,” Hansen wrote on his Substack account.

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