NEW: Jeffrey Epstein Photos Show Jail Cell with Bed Sheet Noose and Corpse with Bloody and Bruised Neck Marks

Photographs taken from the jail cell where deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died mysteriously in August and from the subsequent autopsy of the dead predator have been finally released to the public.

They were released on CBS’ 60 Minutes during a news broadcast on Sunday night. Nooses were created from orange bedsheets, and they were found on the floor of the jail cell. Suspiciously, there was no blood on any of the nooses despite Epstein’s neck being bloodied and bruised in autopsy photos.

The photos also showed electrical cords in Epstein’s jail cell as well as prescription pill bottles and multiple bed sheets on the floor. A note was found written by Epstein complaining about the conditions inside Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, but mentioned nothing about suicide.

Epstein’s brother has commissioned an independent investigation that determined that the infamous child sex fiend was likely strangled to death:

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had ‘unexplained injuries’ on his wrist and shoulder at the time of his death, according to Epstein’s brother, Mark.

Epstein’s brother revealed the concerning discrepancy when speaking with Fox News on Wednesday.

Epstein had been jailed in New York’s Metropolitan Correction Center when he died of an apparent suicide in August.

Mark Epstein had hired a forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, to observe his brother’s autopsy. Baden noticed the wrist and shoulder injuries during the procedure, but says it’s too early to conclude whether these injuries were suffered during a homicide.

Autopsy files describe Epstein as having suffered a deep muscle hemorrhaging of his left shoulder and “faint, red” contusions on his wrists. Epstein had also broken a bone in his neck.

Mark Epstein appears suspicious of the official narrative and has been stonewalled in his attempts to access further information about his brother’s death. The injuries “are unexplained. Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrist are unexplained,” according to Epstein when speaking with Fox News.

The less infamous Epstein apparently first sought to obtain his brother’s medical information after his death from the New York City Medical Examiner, but was redirected to the Department of Justice. His attempts to get the information have since gone unanswered by the DoJ, which Mr. Epstein alleges is “playing games. I’ve done the appropriate requests with Justice twice, and have heard nothing. I was told someone is looking into it.”

The additional revelations are not likely to quell conspiracy theories, despite the fact that the official story from the Trump administration is that Epstein killed himself. Epstein’s secrets have died with him, and his elite network of child predators will likely never meet justice.

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