New Jersey Democrat Set to Join Republican Party Over Impeachment Hoax

A New Jersey Democratic member of Congress is preparing to leave his party and join the GOP in reaction to the ongoing impeachment hoax targeting President Donald J. Trump.

Jeff Van Drew, who represents New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, is reportedly in ongoing negotiations with congressional Republicans and the White House about joining the Republican Party.

Talks between Van Drew and Republicans began earlier this week. He informed his staff that he’s planning on making the switch to the GOP on Saturday. A personal meeting with President Trump apparently provided the final motivation he needed to change his party.

Democrat leaders have mounted a last-ditch effort to keep him in their party that has failed.

Van Drew is a first-term member of the House who was elected in 2018. He’s made noise in the House Democratic Caucus by vocally opposing attempts to impeach President Trump for withholding foreign aid to Ukraine. He’s one of the two House Democrats who voted against opening the doomed impeachment inquiry against the President.

Members of Congress don’t often change their parties while in office. A defection would represent an embarrassment for House Democrats and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

As the demand for a highly unlikely impeachment consumes the Democratic Party, it appears that the broader American public is largely ignoring the dramatic proceedings in the House, led by Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff. American voters overwhelmingly oppose impeaching the President and it appears unlikely they’re even closely following the spectacle. 

Having now lost one member of their caucus as a result of the impeachment hoax, congressional Democrats stand poised to lose even more of their members in the next election should they continue to ignore everyday pressing political issues in favor of pseudo-dramatic impeachment plots.

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