New Jersey Gym Owner Who Defied Lockdowns is Now Offering Free Membership for Non-Vaccinated People

New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith is offering free gym memberships to individuals who reject the COVID-19 vaccine.

The co-owner of the Atilis Fitness Club in Bellmawr, N.J. tweeted out the offer in response to Krispy Kreme’s offer to give vaccine recipients free donuts:

Many snowflakes published triggered messages in response to Smith’s generous promotional offer.

“Yeah thanks for supporting Bellmawar’s most famous killer…Ian claims he doesn’t run from his mistakes but he’s causing more deaths by discouraging vaccinations. Believe in science. You use a cell phones for Gods sake,” one crybaby tweeted.


Other individuals who have not lost their souls to the mass hysteria responded in a sane, sensible manner to Smith’s post.

“Why all the hatred??? Everyone is welcome to have their own opinions,” one person tweeted.

“God bless you. Good health comes from NATURE, not from science experiments,” another person wrote.

Big League Politics has reported about the heroism displayed by Atilis Gym as they have refused to comply with senseless COVID-19 mandates:

Hundreds of patriots gathered near Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, N.J. this morning to support the gym’s decision to open for business today despite edicts issued by the governor banning them from doing so.

The storefront opened today at 8 a.m. and took voluntary safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19…

The police even showed up to the gym, but were remarkably cordial. They simply noted that they were in violation of the executive orders issued by Governor Phil Murphy, told them to be safe, and departed without confrontation…

Murphy is being shown that his power is based off of the consent of the governed. If people such as the owners of Atilis Gym refuse to comply with his edicts, his power is null and void. Civil disobedience in the face of Democrat-pushed coronavirus overreach is taking hold across the country and may be the only way to defeat the Orwellian “new normal” of lockdown tyranny.”

The owners of Atilis gym are cut from the same cloth as the founding fathers. Their detractors are anti-American and on the side of tyrants.

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