New Orleans Forced to Hire Untrained Civilians to Conduct Police Work Amidst Leftist War on Cops

Credit: Wally Gobetz / FLICKR

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has been forced to rely on civilians lacking proper police training to work as law enforcement officers, as the leftist “Defund the Police” movement causes law enforcement offices to atrophy nationwide.

“Resorting to hiring civilians to respond to crime scenes is alarming to the residents and should be alarming throughout the country,” attorney and mayoral candidate Laura Rodrigue said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday. “They came out and said that civilians will be responding to non-emergency calls that come in through 911.”

Civilians will be doing administrative work for law enforcement as well as responding to calls that are deemed “non-emergency.” Rodrigue believes that the “non-emergency” distinction is highly misleading.

“The problem with that is within the last year, NOPD received over 100 calls for first-degree rape, first-degree rape being the most serious rape in Louisiana, carrying a mandatory life sentence, and they classified those as non-emergency,” she said. “So that should be alarming to people to think that a case or a call that comes in for something serious could be classified as non-emergency.”

Additionally, the NOPD is so desperate to find workers that they are overlooking bad credit histories and prior drug use when hiring new civilian recruits to act as officers. Rodrigue thinks this will put criminal cases in jeopardy and only give more power to law-breakers.

“As a former prosecutor, I can tell you I would not want a civilian deciding whether or not the collection of evidence required a warrant or whether or not they had permission to take certain evidence or how to collect it to protect what we call the chain of custody in the preservation of evidence, so you can present it in trial when it eventually goes to trial,” Rodrigue said.

“Now we’re just going to have random people off the street collecting evidence,” she added. “Who knows how they’ll be trained to collect the evidence, but it’s either that or we have somebody who’s allowed to report to work high on drugs. This is what we’ve been left with.”

Since the Black Lives Matter revolution initiated their war against the rule of law, New Orleans has been one of the cities harmed the most by the cultural upheaval. Murders have surged in the city, rising an incredible 78 percent year-over-year since 2021, and 121 percent in comparison to 2019. This is the new normal under Democrat rule, and it will get far worse before it gets any better.

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