New Orleans Priest Arrested, Charged With Obscenity After Being Caught Having Sex With Two Dominatrices on Church Altar

A New Orleans Catholic priest has been arrested and charged with obscenity after being caught filming a pornographic video with a prostitute and a pornographic actress on a church altar.

Father Travis Clark of the Archdiocese of New Orleans was arrested and charged with obscenity after a parishioner discovered him filming sexual acts with two women on the church altar of Sts. Peter and Paul. Court documents indicate that Clark had been utilizing a filming setup to record a pornographic film when a parishioner noticed church lights were in use, before notifying the police when observing his activities through a window.

Mindy Dixon, 41, and Melissa Cheng, 23 were also arrested and charged under provisions of Louisiana law that criminalize sexual acts within public view.

One of the women arrested for the act, a self-identifying satanist, had announced in a tweet that she was planning on “defiling a house of God” the weekend before her arrest.

The Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, condemned Clark’s “obscene deplorable behavior” in a released video statement in the aftermath of his arrest.

His desecration of the altar in Church was demonic. I am infuriated by his actions. When the details became clear, we had the altar removed and burned. I will consecrate a new altar tomorrow.” Archbishop Aymond promised that Clark would never again serve in Catholic ministry in any capacity. Clark has been immediately suspended from his duties, and has since posted a $25,000 bail bond from county jail.

These were consenting adults. But Clark- or his hired dominatrices- had no right to use and blaspheme the parish community’s place of Christian worship for his sexual fantasies.

One of Clark’s parishioners, Pearl River town council member Kat Walsh, expressed her disappointment and surprise that their church pastor- who she described as well-liked- decided to use their church building as his personal porn studio in blasphemous fashion.

What upsets me is, why did he have to do that there?” Walsh said. “I’m upset for all of us, the parishioners of the church. Why there?

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