New Photos of Lavish Billionaire-Hosted Buttigieg Fundraiser Exposed

New photos of a lavish and luxurious fundraiser held for the Pete Buttigieg campaign by its billionaire donors has surfaced.

Billionaires Craig and Kathryn Hall hosted an event for the South Bend, Indiana mayor at the Hall Rutherford wine caves in California’s Napa Valley. If you at all doubted it, the setting is just as fancy and elitist as it sounds.

The wine cave apparently features a chandelier with 1,500 Swarovski crystals, and $900 cabernet for sale.

The leaks from the fundraiser threaten to paint a picture of Buttigieg as a vanity candidate of the nation’s political elite, who often spare no expense in funding and propping up candidates to advance their interests in Washington.

Buttigieg has attracted criticism from other Democratic candidates for his continued reliance on big-money fundraisers, usually hosted by billionaire donors. The mainstream media-beloved candidate was finally compelled to release a list of his major donors earlier this week after facing calls to do so from Democratic voters.

The Bernie Sanders campaign in particular took offense at Buttigieg’s grotesque elite fundraiser, sending out an email blast in which the socialist candidate stated he’d never be caught holding a similar event at a southern California ‘wine cave.’

In a political environment in which elite big-money political connections are increasingly frowned on from across the political spectrum, Mayor Pete may find it difficult to overcome perceptions that he’s nothing more than a corporate Democrat puppet. However, in the unlikely event that he wins the primary, the ‘smart’ neoliberal Democrat would face an uphill battle against President Trump, known for his appeal to working class voters that outpaces most Republicans.

The latest round of polling revealed Mayor Pete is in fact the weakest possible candidate against President Trump, despite the mainstream media’s fascination with the elite Democrat.

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