New Poll Shows Further Evidence of Texas Hispanic Realignment

Texas Latino Conservatives, a group dedicated to activating Hispanic voters and having them become reliable voters for conservative candidates in the Lone Star candidates, conducted a survey on Texas Hispanics’ views on the Biden regime and open borders.

According to this poll — the Texas Hispanic Realignment Survey, Texas Hispanics were found to be hostile towards the Biden regime and its mass migration agenda. 

The poll was conducted back in June around areas such as the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and the outer suburbs of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, on top of exurban areas outside of the major metro centers in Texas.

.In virtually all regions studied, Republicans have surpassed Democrats by two points in party identification and boast a two-point advantage in Congress among working class voters. According to  of Texas Scorecard, In the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, Democrats have a mere three-point advantage 

Across all regions, Republicans have overtaken Democrats by two points in party identification and hold a two-point advantage for Congress among the working class. Per Emily Wilkerson of Texas Scorecard, Democrats only hold a three-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. 

In a response to a question regarding the Democratic Party, 61% indicated that they are perturbed by multiculturalist party’s over-emphasis on race and sex, in addition to its obsession with welfare handouts and socialist policies. 

28% indicated that they are annoyed by the Democratic Party but don’t view themselves as Republicans.

In addition to the Democratic Party, just 11% of Hispanics polled stated they’re satisfied with the Biden regime’s performance. Only 40% said they approve of the Biden regime’s performance.

57% of survey participants stated that they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, and 53% blame high gas prices and inflation on Democratic leadership.

Conservative Hispanics are specifically the most pro-Republican group whose values largely align with those of the Republican Party. Per the survey, Hispanics now believe that Republicans represent their values and political priorities. Republicans have a 15-point lead over Democrats when they are linked to “hard work,” an 8-point lead on backing small businesses, a 7-point lead on overhauling the immigration system, and a 3-point advantage on “protecting my way of life.”

Although the bulk of Democrats still overlook the border crisis and the Biden regime refuses to head to or provide aid to border states, many Hispanic voters are starting to bear the brunt of the effects of illegal immigration. 

The survey discovered that 57% of Hispanics support bolstering  border security to halt illegal immigration. This holds true in South Texas, in particular, where the pro-immigration restriction number grew to 60%. 

During an interview with Chris Salcedo on The Salcedo Storm podcast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he believes that the border crisis will turn South Texas into a safe Republican region.

“We’re going to see … a red wave across the country, but South Texas is going to be profound,” declared Cruz. “I think we’re on the verge of a generational shift.”

Contrary to popular belief, Hispanics have nuanced views on immigration. We have to remember that  several figures such as Cesar Chavez — a known immigration restrictionist — are held in high esteem among Hispanics. Many Hispanics are adjacent to the white working class and share many of their grievances. 

If the GOP wants to win working class Hispanics, its leadership will need to focus heavily on strong law & order policies and immigration patriotism. 

Hispandering is not an option here.

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