New Poll Shows MAGA Candidates Laura Loomer and Byron Donalds Surging in Florida Congressional Races

Pro-Trump U.S. Congressional contenders Laura Loomer and Byron Donalds are surging up the polls with Florida primary elections just weeks away.

The Fredericksburg, Va. polling firm, American Liberty Fund (ALF) conducted a poll between July 17 and 23 gauging the relative support of both candidates. The results showed that Loomer is the runaway favorite to win the Republican nomination in Florida’s 21st Congressional district, getting 54 percent support of GOP voters with none of her competitors coming close to her level of support.

Loomer is also very competitive in a head-to-head matchup with incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel, a career politician who has been in office since 2013. In the weighted poll conducted by ALF, Loomer is within the margin of error, trailing Frankel a mere four points. Additionally, Loomer has strong favorability ratings in comparison to Frankel. She has a 35 percent favorability rating with an 11 percent unfavorable rating while Frankel has a 23 percent favorable rating and a 37 percent unfavorable rating.

Big League Politics has reported on how Loomer has consistently defeated Frankel in fundraising despite being choked off of all major social media platforms in a coordinated censorship campaign against her. Loomer’s campaign is showing that a candidate can be competitive and overcome tremendous institutional disadvantages with the right approach and message.

In Florida’s 19th Congressional District, pro-Trump candidate Byron Donalds is quickly surging to front-runner status in a competitive and crowded GOP primary. Donalds, a state representative and proud black conservative, is trailing by five percent and gaining rapidly on the two self-funded candidates currently atop the polls.

Donalds’ momentum has grown following high-profile endorsements from the Club for Growth and the National Rifle Association. He currently has a 36 percent favorable rating, according to the ALF poll. He is hoping that his pro-Trump bonafides will be enough to carry him to the general election in a Congressional seat that is open due to the retirement of incumbent Republican Francis Rooney.

ALF has announced that they are endorsing Loomer and Donalds as well as Amanda Makki in Florida, Lauren Boebert in Colorado, and Tiffany Shedd in Arizona because of the viability and pro-liberty positions of the various candidates.

The Florida primary elections are scheduled to take place on Aug. 18. Loomer’s Republican primary opponents include Christian Acosta, Liz Felton, Aaron Scanlan, Reba Sherrill and Michael Vilardi. Donalds’ Republican primary opponents include Darren Dione Aquino, Casey Askar, Dane Eagle, William Figlesthaler, Randy Henderson, Daniel Kowal, Christy McLaughlin and Dan Severson.

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