New Round of Looting, Rioting Erupts in Minneapolis After False Reports of Police Shooting

A new round of looting and rioting began in downtown Minneapolis, spurred by false reports of a police shooting in the area.

Dozens of looters could be seen breaking into a Saks Fifth Avenue department store and stealing merchandise from the business. Police were nowhere to be seen.

The new round of looting was spurred by the death of a thus-unidentified black man, whom the Minneapolis Police have identified as a homicide suspect. The man shot himself in the head when he was approached by local police.

Footage of the man’s death was caught on camera. Warning, this is extremely graphic.

Rumors spread that the man(who clearly killed himself) was in fact shot by the Minneapolis Police, an assertion that is plainly false. The truth didn’t prevent large mobs of looters and rioters targeting businesses for mass theft throughout the night.

Looters also attacked a Target store.

A Minneapolis Police officer was also knocked unconcious from a projectile attack while responding to the criminal activity.

Minneapolis may never recover from the damages inflicted upon its civic foundation from the summer 2020 riots. The once affluent and progressive city may be doomed to become the next Chicago or Detroit, blighted by abandoned homes, a shrinking tax base, and large levels of gun violence.

City authorities have estimated the mass riots, some of the worst in American history, have inflicted more than $55 million in property damages on the city.

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