New Study Shows Unvaccinated COVID Patients are Less Infectious Than the Vaxxed

Pfizer created its vaccine in conjunction with BioNTech.

A New England Journal of Medicine study has indicated that individuals vaccinated for COVID-19 were contagious with the disease for a greater deal of time than infected individuals who were not stuck with the jab.

The research was conducted on COVID patients from July 2021 to January 2022. Participants were classified into the categories of “vaccinated,” “unvaccinated,” and “boosted.” Researchers found that those who did not receive a COVID vaccine were contagious for the shortest period of time of all three groups.

The data shows that 15 days into the study, 93.75 percent of unvaccinated people were not contagious. Those who received the booster were slightly more contagious, with 92.31 percent of them no longer being contagious after 15 days. Among individuals who were vaxxed without the booster, 78.38 percent were contagious.

Big League Politics has reported on the overwhelming profits that Big Pharma is enjoying because of the vaccine regime even though their experimental shots are not proven to be effective:

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is expecting $54 billion in profits from COVID-19 treatments and vaccines this year as the brain-addled public lines up to be hoodwinked over and over after being subjected to mass hysteria propaganda for years.

They expect an astonishing $32 billion in revenue for their vaccinations as well as an additional $22 billion in revenue from Paxlovid, their antiviral COVID-19 treatment pill that is being pushed instead of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

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