NEW: Trump Ad Breaks Down Consequences of “Defund the Police”

A new Donald J. Trump for President campaign ad breaks down the implications of the national “defund the police” movement, pointing to the considerable share of national and congressional Democrats who would push to defund law enforcement in the event of a Joe Biden victory in November.

The ad features an automated 911 call system replacing an emergency dispatcher, with a recorded voice explaining that the revocation of police funding eliminated the 911 operator. The caller is told to press an appropriate key to report a rape or murder, with the emergency phone line resembling a corporate customer service phone line designed to avoid the time-consuming process of an in-person human conversation.

Watch the ad here:

Due to defunding of the police department, we’re sorry… But no one is here to take your call.

Polling reveals that around 50% of Democrats support the movement to defund the police in the wake of the death of George Floyd and nationwide race riots. City officials in Minneapolis and across the country have already organized plans to neuter their municipal police departments, with councilors in the former pledging a wholesale abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Biden himself has proved reluctant to endorse the police defunding movement, but it’s all but guaranteed the elder Democrat would be compromised by liberal radicals. Municipal councils that want to defund their police departments wouldn’t stand to lose any federal funding as a result of the delinquency in enforcing fundamental law and order in a Biden presidency, opening the door for liberal cities to move forward with a rejection of law enforcement entirely.

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