New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Presidential Campaign Literally Has No Support in Iowa Poll

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is running to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2020 as his own city is in tatters, but his campaign is not resonating with anybody in the key battleground state of Iowa.

A poll released by Des Moines Register/CNN on Saturday showed de Blasio as one of only two candidates who was not listed by any participant as their first or second choice for President. Out of a massive field of 23 candidates, only Wayne Messam, the no-name mayor of Miramar, Fla, shared this embarrassing distinction with de Blasio.

“There’s always been a question mark as to how many (candidates) can get any real traction,” said J. Ann Selzer, who works as president of Selzer & Co., the firm tasked with conducting the survey. “And we gave them every opportunity to show that they have some kind of constituency here. But there’s a fair number who, their constituency just isn’t very big.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden remains the leader in the poll with 24 percent of support, down from his peak of 32 percent of support in December. He is trailed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who received 16 percent of support, followed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 15 percent, with South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg closely behind with 14 percent.

De Blasio, the arrogant nanny state mayor who has seen New York City spiral out of control under his stewardship, downplays the news of his lack of support in Iowa and continues to aggressively campaign despite his lack of initial success.

“I’ll tell you something, Iowans have consistently surprised the pundits and come out many, many times with a choice that was not expected,” de Blasio said during a CNN interview.

“Ana, it’s a poll of 600 Iowans, eight months before the caucuses. This is just the beginning of a very long process,” he said.

“I wonder if being New York City mayor might hurt you in a place like Iowa,” CNN’s Ana Cabrera contended.

“It’s a fair concern,” de Blasio said. “But I’m hearing about the same issues I hear from my constituents in New York.”

“I think the Democratic Party for decades formed a coalition, a rural-urban coalition. That’s what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, it worked for Democrats. It was about working people, farmers, factory workers, every day people.” de Blasio added.

With his record in New York City being so lackluster, city residents may be in luck as de Blasio is shirking his responsibilities in the town, as they get a respite from his destructive liberal schemes.

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