New York City Storefronts are Allowing Looters to Steal Because Reporting Them Would Seem Racist

Because of the crime wave caused by the violent Black Lives Matter terrorist uprising throughout America, storefronts in New York City are being besieged by shoplifters.

Unfortunately for the store owners, they cannot even feel safe reporting the looters. Because the shoplifters tend to be of one certain race, these store owners cannot report them without fear of reprisal from the BLM mob that will shamelessly make any criminal black thug into a martyr at a moment’s notice regardless of the facts.

“If they [store personnel] stop them and say anything in the store before they’ve left the building then it often gets turned into a racial accusation,” a local source said to the New York Post.

“The brands … tell their employees to walk away,” the insider added. “They don’t want to be the next Instagram video claiming they are a racist brand.”

New York City Police Department (NYPD) Sgt. Joseph Imperatrice has noted that black mobs, who he refers to as “mobs of young, transient groups,” are targeting these stores and coordinating their criminal activity through social media. They grab fistfuls of merchandise and can get violent when their rampaging is impeded.

However, the NYPD can offer little more than lip service to retailers who are being decimated due to black thuggery. The rule of law has been replaced with rule by mob due to multiculturalism.

“The NYPD works to prevent theft of all kinds, including commercial burglaries and grand larcenies, by conferring with city businesses to promote physical protections and other best business practices,” NYPD spokesman Al Baker said.

“In the precincts, our Neighborhood Coordination Officers are personal points of contact with the community who can help when merchants are experiencing issues with crime and quality-of-life offenses. Additionally, detectives in precincts across the city work closely with our citywide Grand Larceny Division investigators on individual cases,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how New York City has become a crime-ridden sh*thole due to the sustained campaign of BLM terror, worsened by the weak and capitulating governance of far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio:

Shootings in New York City have spiked 358 percent in comparison to this time last year, as Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots weaken the rule of law across the city.

There were 12 shootings over the previous week in 2019, and that has jumped to an incredible 55 shootings over the same week just one year later. This resulted in 74 people being wounded, according to data released by the NYPD.

This news comes after NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea announced that a plainclothes unit meant to sniff out crime on the streets was disbanded. He made it clear that his agency would not be reversing their decision no matter how bad society devolves.

“We cannot stop our way out of this problem,” Shea said. “We need bad people held accountable,” he added.

The criminals are being unleashed, and the anti-crime strides achieved over the past few decades are being reversed under the rule of far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio addressed the surge of crime with his usual empty platitudes: “We are not going back to the bad old days where there was too much gun violence in this city, nor are we going back to the bad old days” of police supposedly abusing civil liberties.

Criminals have received the message that de Blasio is actively hamstringing law enforcement. This has resulted in a wave of savagery that goes far beyond mere shootings.

The country is looking more like the United States of Somalia, and the situation will only worsen drastically if the demographic integrity of the nation is permanently ceded to the enemies of civilization.

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