New York City Suspends Shelter Regulations Prior to Title 42 Expiration

With the Biden regime repealing Title 42, a Trump-era policy that makes it easier for border patrol agents to expel migrants at the US-Mexico border, a huge wave of illegal aliens have invaded the US. 

New York City is one of the cities that has experienced a severe migrant crisis. 

On May 10, 2023, NYC Mayor Eric Adams signed an executive order that relaxes shelter requirements for homeless families. The executive order has frozen the enforcement of city laws that regulate how, when, and where homeless families can be sheltered. This law suspension one day prior to Title 42 ending. 

“With over 130 emergency sites and eight humanitarian relief centers already opened, we have reached our limit, and this last week we had to resort to temporarily housing recent arrivals in gyms.

We will make every effort to get asylum seekers into shelter as quickly as possible as we have done since day one,” Fabien Levy, a spokesman for mayor Adams, declared in a statement. 

Levy stated that the effort is to guarantee asylum seekers find “shelter as quickly as possible” as Democrat-run cities nationwide are getting rocked by the uptick in illegal immigration. 

According to a Bloomberg report,  NYC is spending $8 million daily to provide shelter to 40,000 asylum seekers. The spokesperson asserted that over 500 migrants have been entering the city on a daily basis. 

New York City is just one of many blue jurisdictions afflicted by mass migration. While many working class people are negatively affected by mass migration, Democratic elites enjoy this policy simply because of the political advantages — a new voter base — and the economic advantages — cheap labor and a massive consumer base to tap into. These facets of mass migration benefit Democratic elites at the expense of Middle America. For America to remain prosperous and socially cohesive, it must restrict immigration at all costs. 

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