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New York City’s Health Commissioner Resigns in Protest of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s COVID-19 Policies

Dr. Oxiris Barbot has resigned.



Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the former Health Commissioner for New York City, has resigned from her post because of the city’s coronavirus response.

Barbot believes that the experts were sidelined to the detriment of the city throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has hurt the public health a great deal.

“I leave my post today with deep disappointment,” Barbot wrote in her resignation letter, blasting the ineptitude of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. “Our experts are world renowned for their epidemiology, surveillance and response work. The city would be well served by having them at the strategic center of the response not in the background.”

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Dr. Dave Chokshi, a former Obama administration hack who worked as principal health adviser to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, will be taking Barbot’s place in the role. She made it clear in her resignation letter that her love of the city and its people has not wavered.

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“I am proud that as a woman of color raised in public housing in this city, I always put public health, racial equity and the well-being of the city I love first,” Barbot wrote in her letter. “My commitment to this city and to public health is unwavering.”

De Blasio recently announced that he would be depriving the health department of the city’s contact tracing program, and giving that power to Health and Hospitals, the agency tasked with running the city’s public hospitals.

“We need an atmosphere of unity, of common purpose, and people really focusing on all the parts of this government working together,” de Blasio said. “What I’m saying was, it became clear that there was a need to move forward.”

Big League Politics has reported on de Blasio’s many public health failures throughout the pandemic, including but not limited to allowing Black Lives Matter terror riots to happen during the supposed COVID-19 emergency:

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio openly admitted that the city is restricting any and all public gatherings *except* for Black Lives Matter riots and protests, while speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

De Blasio first emphasized his administration was committed to purging any public events and gatherings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Things like outdoor concerts and parades… Things that here in this city could mean not just thousands, but tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. It’ s just not time for that now.”

De Blasio pivoted shamelessly, openly flouting his double standard when Blitzer mentioned the ongoing protests and riots.

“Look, this is always a area of real sensitivity. If you’re just talking about health, we would always say, hey folks, stay home if you can… But we understand this moment in history people are talking about the need for historic changes. I mean today, in New York City, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message of Black Lives Matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today,” said de Blasio of a puerile stunt the city had orchestrated, painting the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a street in front of Trump Tower in an empty gesture targeting Donald Trump. “This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that.”

De Blasio’s leadership has turned New York City back into the hell scape that it was in the 1970s. The city needs another savior, like Rudy Giuliani, or it will continue to descend into squalor.

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Whistleblower: World Health Organization Repeatedly Ignored Its Own Protocol Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

The “experts” refused to adhere to their own “expert” advice.



An anonymous whistleblower is taking the World Health Organization (WHO) and other COVID-19 pandemic alarmists to task on social media for refusing to adhere to their own pandemic guidelines.

The whistleblower, who uses the Twitter handle @BoriquaGato, pointed out in a Twitter thread that the WHO had advised never to use contact tracing in any circumstances during a pandemic as of 2019:

Even though the WHO’s pandemic recommendations do include the use of masks, they admitted that there is no evidence showing that asymptomatic individuals wearing masks prevents the spread of airborne illness:

The WHO admitted that contact tracing, quarantining exposed persons, and school closures do little if anything to prevent the spread of airborne illness during a pandemic:

The whistleblower noted that U.S. biodefense experts ruled out forced quarantines for use during pandemics for several reasons:

The whistleblower showed with his assemblance of facts that the entire pandemic response has been political and a complete affront to science:

The whistleblower also pointed to studies conducted by the WHO indicating that masks are not effective in preventing the spread of respiratory viruses:

The whistleblower also flexed on Big Pharma’s vaunted scientific and medical establishment, making the point that random researchers on Twitter are doing a much better job on informing the public of crucial facts during the pandemic:

The pandemic response rules published by the WHO in 2019 can be accessed here.

Big League Politics has reported on the WHO’s many lies and failures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in millions of souls being lost to the senseless mass hysteria:

John Binder of Breitbart News covered a story on World Health Organization officials stopping medical experts from recommending Wuhan virus travel bans.

According to a report from Australia’s Sky News, WHO bureaucrats met with a group of doctors and medical experts to makes plans about how to respond to the Wuhan Virus. At the time, the virus was spreading from China to nations like the U.S., Italy, and Iran. Sky News’ report is based on the meeting’s notes.

The WHO bureaucrats held a meeting with the experts in Geneva, Switzerland, and prevented them from suggesting travel bans as a proactive way to stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

While doing a live report, Sky News digital editor Jack Houghton said:

”[WHO] actually decided not to go ahead with [travel ban recommendations] and not declare a global health emergency but there were a few dissenting voices. So the official meeting records say there was a divergence of views but they won’t actually go into detail about who was trying to block it. But there were doctors there who wanted to issue travel bans and the World Health Organization blocked it.”

While thousands of Wuhan virus cases were confirmed across the globe throughout February, WHO bureaucrats repeatedly urged nations to not implement travel bans.

“WHO continues to advise against the application of travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks,” per a WHO statement released on February 29.

Despite efforts by WHO bureaucrats to prevent experts from advising that nations enact travel bans to fight the virus, President Trump decisively moved forward with travel bans on China and Iran after the first weeks of the first confirmed case in America.
After a month went by, Trump issued a travel ban on Europe after the nation’s leading medical experts said the Wuhan virus was mainly being spread because of European travel. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci strongly argued for travel bans in fighting the Wuhan virus.

Officials should be jailed, or worse, for the damage done to society over the scamdemic. This is a criminal act, and the globalists refuse to give up on the hysteria in the hopes to avoid culpability for what they have done.

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