New York Governor Thanks Trump, Pence For Facilitating Mobile Drive-Through Wuhan Virus Testing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo struck a grateful tone towards President Trump and Vice President Trump when updating media on New York’s new mobile drive-through testing centers, recognizing the administration for enabling and facilitating the process of their creation.

I want to thank the Vice President, and especially the President, who facilitated this and moved quickly.

The administration had given New York early authorization to begin utilizing a similar state-level system involving drive-through testing.

Cuomo’s tone departs starkly from that utilized by other major Democrats and mainstream media pundits, who have sought to pin the blame for the effects of the coronavirus and its supposed mismanagement on Donald Trump alone.

President Trump also spoke to Governor Cuomo earlier today.

President Trump announced that he had arranged for the parking lots of Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Target to host mobile testing centers in coordination with the leadership of those companies. Such a development represents the first major step to enacting the mass coronavirus testing that some critics of the federal response to the virus claim has been lacking.

As of Friday afternoon, stock markets are surging back up in force in the aftermath of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency.

The declaration of a national emergency could prove imperative in instilling confidence over the coronavirus pandemic, possibly turning the page on a relatively unprecedented atmosphere of national panic.

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