New York Plans Hiring “Chief Customer Experience Officer” To Preside Over Digital ID Implementations

New York state authorities announced their plans in late January to digitize access to several benefits and services and facilitate this process through the roll out of a single digital ID. 

New York leaders are marketing this plan to the public as a way to improve “customer experience” and reducing “customer frustration.”

To ensure that this plan is rolled out smoothly, New York Governor Kathy Hochul revealed that a “chief customer experience officer” will soon be hired.

“The (chief customer experience) officer would work to uncover when the root cause of an issue may stem from technology,” the state’s Chief Information Officer Tony Riddick said about this new position after being asked by the media about it. 

This customer experience expert will work to ensure that government-run websites are user-friendly, while also making sure that any duplicate government accounts are “consolidated.”

To accomplish all of this, the officer and “all agencies” plan on collecting feedback and data “to understand what customers need,” Riddick continued.

Riddick stressed that “customer” data will need to be collected to ensure the best user experience. 

All of these developments come against the backdrop of New York preparing to launch ID+. Riddick believes that this service “captures all of the information that we get from our customers into one identification.”

“The ID+ initiative would link together accounts belonging to the same person, giving the state a clearer view of its users. Knowing which activities are being conducted by the same person helps the state better detect, and pinpoint the source of, unusual activity,” the announcement noted.

The most tyrannical of schemes are often marketed with the most innocuous of terms. That’s how the ruling class is able to bamboozle the public into accepting these diabolical plots. Hopefully, whatever freedom-loving New Yorkers are left in the state stand up to this digital ID plan. 

If this were to pass, elites would have a viable, digital tyranny plan to export across the US. Such a scenario must not be allowed to pass.

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