New York Post: Candy Costs ‘Soar 13% To Record Levels’ Right Before Halloween

Bidenflation comes for everything. Now it’s impacting Halloween.

According to the New York Post, candy prices have reached “record levels” just ahead of Halloween. As costs soar a whopping 13%.

From the outlet:

Trick-or-treating this Halloween may not yield the same amount of sweets as previous years as record levels of inflation have made candy more expensive.

The latest inflation figures released by the federal government show that the price of candy and chewing gum rose by 13.1% last month — the biggest jump ever recorded.

Analysts said the reason for the sharp price increase is the soaring cost of sugar, which was exacerbated this year due to drought conditions that adversely affected beet-sugar crops in the northern part of the country.

These are the kinds of headlines that impact everyday Americans. Especially when many are struggling to make ends meet from skyrocketing costs to 40-year high inflation.

All while the Democrat party continues to gaslight the county that everything is fine.

“Snacks have also gotten pricier in recent months. Last month, the cost of snacks rose by 14.7%, according to federal data,” the New York Post added.

Though these rises in Halloween costs do not appear to be deterring families from participating in festivities, Americans are surely cutting back on expenses in other areas. Including vacations and dining.

According to a new study, one in four Americans are expecting to delay retirement due to rising costs in Joe Biden’s economy.

From CNBC:

A survey by the American Advisors Group found that more than a third of Americans today feel unprepared or unsure if they are on track for retirement. And nearly a third of seniors say they either plan to work through the age of 70 or never retire, according to a study by BlackRock.

Not only does everything cost more money nowadays. Americans are also fed up with the gaslighting from the White House that paints a picture of “everything is fine” while Americans are feeling the exact opposite.

We are living in a time when so-called conspiracy theories become mainstream headlines in a matter of months, Democrat talking points are almost always the opposite of reality, Babylon Bee satire quickly becomes real stories, and internet memes evolve into normal interactions right before our eyes.

The following clip is a mix of all four of those. 

Watch Joe Biden brag about our “strong” economy while eating an ice cream cone.

So while the White House says one thing, Americans are feeling the consequences of Democrat failed policies directly in their pocketbooks. 

Wonder how inflation will impact Christmas…

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