New York State Nailed as “Least Free” in the Country in New Study

The state of New York has earned the ignominy of the “least free” state in the Union, with a survey from the libertarian Cato Institute pointing to the Empire State for the ignoble distinction. It’s nothing new for the troubled Democrat-governed state, with New York having earned the “award” every year since the Cato Institute began listing the states in 2000.

The survey evaluated New York’s gun control laws, occupational licensing, cost of operating a small business, taxation, and education freedom policies. The study’s authors, William Ruger and Jason Sorens, attest to evaluating 230 different matters of policy in comparing the states.

California, another Democrat megastate and closest thing to New York, was scored as the third least free state in the country in the survey. Hawaii, an outlier among the states of the union by any standard, came in second.

New Hampshire earned the distinction of the most free state in the country, with Florida managing to grab second place despite being home to almost 22 million people.

New York has responded to what amounts to the most severe coronavirus outbreak in the world with even more government power grabs, with restrictive COVID-19 mask and vaccine measures largely failing to deter mass death from the disease.

Founding fathers of the United States such as Thomas Jefferson spoke of their innate dislike for large cities and heavily urbanized societies, viewing such a social model as hostile to liberty and freedom. Jefferson- a statue of whom was recently unceremoniously removed from New York’s city hall. New York is the most urbanized state in the country, appearing to fulfill Jefferson’s warning with a social model that increasingly resembles nations outside of the First World such as Brazil.

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