New York State Sheriffs Won’t Enforce Andrew Cuomo’s Thanksgiving Lockdown Orders

At least three New York state county sheriffs have announced that they won’t enforce an edit from Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo criminalizing Thanksgiving gatherings of more than ten people.

The county sheriff’s departments of Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, and Lewis County all confirmed that they don’t intend on breaking up Thanksgiving gatherings

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo openly questioned how utilizing his deputies to count the number of cars int the driveways of private citizens would be an effective use of resources and beneficial to the public.

Lewis County Sheriff openly responded “No, I will not” when asked by 7 News if he intended to enforce the governor’s latest edict. All three of the sheriffs have urged common sense public health and social distancing measures, but the buck seems to stop at breaking up family gatherings at private homes on Thanksgiving.

The three counties are located in upstate New York, all well away from the Democrat-controlled economic center of the state in New York City. Albany is the capital of New York.

New York state has enacted draconian coronavirus restrictions, and yet the state has emerged as the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. This hasn’t prevented Governor Cuomo from embarking on a lengthy “victory tour,” including writing a book about his supposed successes in leadership that may be a prelude to a 2024 presidential campaign. Maybe the answer doesn’t lie in policing the activities of families in their own homes.

Big League Politics has reported on attempts on the part of globalist elites to enact a “great reset” on western societies following the coronavirus pandemic, in which the abilities of everyday people to own private property and make their own lifestyle decisions will be redistributed to powerful global corporations and governments.

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