New York Supreme Court Allows Project Veritas to Compel Depositions From New York Times’ Employees

The New York state supreme court has issued a ruling that will allow Project Veritas to compel sworn depositions from employees for the New York Times.

The Times had attempted to get a defamation lawsuit thrown out with regards to an article claiming that video produced by Project Veritas showing an illicit ballot harvesting operation in Minnesota was “deceptive.”

The court sided with Veritas and hammered the Times’ lawyers for their poor legal arguments.

“Here, having failed to convince the Court that [Project Veritas’] case should be dismissed, [The New York Times] also failed to demonstrate the extraordinary justification required for the imposition of the drastic remedy of a stay pending appeal,” the court stated.

They added that “despite the fact that the NY Times has been permitted to file anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss for decades, the NY Times failed to cite any cases in which an unsuccessful moving was granted a stay pending appeal.”

Veritas founder James O’Keefe is saying that this is a huge victory for the fight to expose the fake news and their coordinated disinformation operation.

“Ladies and gentlemen: Let the depositions begin. Stay tuned. We’re about to drop the first New York Times deposition any day,” O’Keefe said on Thursday.

Big League Politics has reported on the desperation of the Times’ attorneys as they attempt to shirk transparency:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe announced that a New York Times lawyer issued deranged threats against his organization that “some might call” extortion.

Veritas reached out to NYT Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Dave McCraw to demand a retraction over a fake news piece published in the Times that was amplified in the corporate news echo chamber. He responded by attacking Veritas attorney Libby Locke through her business partner, Tom Clare, threatening to essentially doxx their clients if Locke and Veritas refused to back off.

NYT reporters also went on cable news media to launder their propaganda and malign Veritas. Thus far, they have been unapologetic about their deceptions.

“Project Veritas was working closely with a former British spy in order to entrap people within the Trump administration,” said NYT reporter Katie Benner during an MSNBC appearance.

“A group of activists on the right, Trump allies, were funded by his donors who recruited a former spy and other operatives to train people at Project Veritas into subverting FBI agents and even the National Security Advisor,” said NYT reporter Nick Confessore to MSNBC talking heads.

The actual report made it clear that these claims were rumors and speculation, but Benner and Confessore portrayed them as if they were fact on MSNBC. This is why Locke sent a letter to McCraw demanding a retraction from the NYT. McCraw responded with a psychotic message that is emblematic of the modern state of the radicalized, anti-American Left at war with free speech and privacy rights.

McCraw sent a letter to Clare, Locke’s business partner, claiming that they would “use” any correspondence marked “not for publication” as a sanction for Locke representing Veritas, apparently with this threat applying to all of Clare’s clients. The ominous words were meant as a sanction against Clare to scare her away from representing Veritas moving forward.

McCraw was angry that one of his letters marked “not for publication” had been published by Veritas. His “not for publication” letter contained bizarre untruths that were newsworthy, such as his false claim that Veritas somehow verified the authenticity of the NYT fake news hit piece against the organization. 

“I have reviewed with our editors your request for the addition of the sentence, and we do not believe a change is warranted,” McCraw wrote.

O’Keefe also pointed out that McCraw has published his own “not for publication” letters when it has benefitted him monetarily, such as in his masturbatory book, “Truth in Our Times: Inside the Fight for Press Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts,” that was published in 2019. O’Keefe is moving forward with the lawsuit against the NYT reporters.”

Veritas is doing yeoman’s work in destroying the credibility of the fake news by spreading the truth and fighting back in the courts. Times’ employees will now be in the hot seat facing sworn depositions under the penalty of perjury.

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