New York Times Admits: Trump Can’t Be Criminally Charged From Their Tax Story

The New York Times admits that President Donald Trump cannot be criminally charged in connection to any alleged strategies he used to help his family pay less taxes.

The Times is hyping a story on Trump’s taxes as the mainstream media case against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh falls apart. Anti-Trump conspirators still hope to charge Trump in New York state in a last-ditch bid to spark a constitutional crisis to deflect from Robert Mueller’s failure to find any Russian collusion. (RELATED: Trump Assassination Play Sponsored By The New York Times).

The Times reports, in the only paragraph from their article worth reading: “The Times’s findings raise new questions about Mr. Trump’s refusal to release his income tax returns, breaking with decades of practice by past presidents. According to tax experts, it is unlikely that Mr. Trump would be vulnerable to criminal prosecution for helping his parents evade taxes, because the acts happened too long ago and are past the statute of limitations. There is no time limit, however, on civil fines for tax fraud.”

The conspirators have moved on from hoping Mueller finds something to instead hoping somebody in the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York can claim they found something through Michael Cohen.

President Donald Trump’s enemies in the Robert Mueller team and in Preet Bharara’s orbit in the New York U.S. Attorney offices are launching a last-ditch bid to try to charge Trump with something in order to force a “constitutional crisis,” according to a top FBI source.

Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys have held several meetings with New York prosecutors to discuss the Deep State plan to damage President Donald Trump, according to a longtime former FBI special agent and a whistleblower in the Robert Mueller case.

I explain the Mueller camp’s new strategy here (Twitter might say that page doesn’t exist, but just click on the Periscope link anyway to watch the video):


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