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New York Times Editor Admits to Targeting Trump Brands to Get Him to Resign



Project Veritas has released their latest undercover video in the American Pravda series, and this time the undercover video is taking us inside The New York Times — where an editor admits to targeting the Trump brands and family to attempt to strong arm President Donald J. Trump into resigning.

The subject of the latest video is Nick Dudich, the Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video. In the shocking footage, he is caught on hidden camera bragging about his lack of journalistic integrity.

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While discussing whether or not he is objective, Dudich tells the undercover Veritas journalist, “No I’m not, that’s why I’m here.”

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He adds: “My voice is on… my imprint is in every video we do.”

Dudich, who worked for the political campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, goes on to explain: “I’d target his businesses, his dumb f#ck of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric.”

There is more.

“Target that. Get people to boycott going to his hotels. Boycott… So a lot of the Trump brands, if you can ruin the Trump brand and you put pressure on his business and you start investigating his business and you start shutting it down, or they’re hacking or other things. He cares about his business more than he cares about being President. He would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to,” he said.

The NYT video editor also brags about his former involvement with Antifa, claiming that he was asked to join by his godfather —  former FBI Director James Comey himself.

“I joined that stuff for them [the FBI]. I was an asset… So it was intelligence gathering, seeing if they were [sic], what their agenda was, whether they’re a threat or not,” Dudich claims.

“How’d you meet Comey?” asked the Project Veritas journalist.

“He’s my godfather,” Dudich stated. “My dad and mom knew him and his wife for a really long time.”

Dudich also admits that he should have recused himself from covering the Comey hearing, but did not.

“Well the Comey hearing, I should have recused myself, but I’m not ever telling anybody there [at the Times] that I have a tie with that or else I don’t know if they can keep me on,” Dudich told the undercover journalist.

In their press release accompanying the video, Project Veritas said according to the NYT Ethical Handbook, Section 107:

Staff members may not write about people to whom they are related by blood or marriage or with whom they have close personal relationships, or edit material about such people or make news judgments about them.

After being confronted about his father saying that they do not have ties to Comey, Dudich admits that he lied.

When asked why he made up the connection, he said: “Eh, I don’t know… It’s a good story.”

The New York Times has long claimed to be objective and the gatekeepers of truth and impartiality. According to their own ethics handbook, “journalists have no place on the playing field of politics. Staff members are entitled to vote, but they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times.”

The New York Times video is a continuation of the American Pravda series from Project Veritas, which previously took aim at CNN.


Fairfield University Will Force Students to Take Mandatory COVID-19 Tests in Order to Attend Class



Fairfield University has announced its plans to be operational for the fall semester amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, tossing the privacy rights of students completely to the wayside.

“As Fairfield University plans to Bring its Stags Home for the fall 2020 semester, a safe return to campus life is our most important priority. We want to make sure our community members have all the information they need to maintain the vibrancy of our campus life but do so as safely as possible,” Fairfield University wrote in an email to their student body.

The university plans to force students to report their health data and submit it into an invasive cell phone app, monitor themselves for any close contact with individuals who have the virus, wear masks at all times while attending class, and subject themselves to mandatory COVID-19 testing to be allowed on campus.

Journalist Alex Berenson noted Fairfield’s proposed plans in a Twitter post, highlighting the absurdity and apparent illegality of the scheme:

Berenson has drawn attention to how the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting children, who are losing educational opportunities and having their rights systemically violated because of mass hysteria.

Big League Politics has reported on the growing mass exodus from public schools that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic:

A recent poll of over twenty one hundred voters is showing that the future of public schools could be in great jeopardy when communities and states come out of lockdowns across the nation.

A survey of 2,122 registered voters by RealClear Opinion Research shows that support for educational choice is very strong, and that a plurality of parents are more likely to pursue homeschooling opportunities after COVID-19 lockdowns end.

The polling results show that 40% of families are more likely to homeschool or virtual school after lockdowns, and that 64% support school choice.

John Schilling who serves as the president of the American Federation for Children had this to say about the stunning results of the survey:

“Every single family with kids in school has been incredibly disrupted by the lockdowns. With fifty five million students no longer in their normal educational setting, families are clearly considering new options and many are seeing the benefits of homeschooling and virtual schooling. This is the time for leadership and for desperately needed bold reforms to be implemented across our K-12 education system.”

Homeschooling may be the only way for parents to protect their children from the Big Brother “solutions” to the COVID-19 pandemic in the classroom.

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