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New York Times Tells Truth: ‘Liberals Uneasy About First Amendment’



The former “paper of record” has finally copped to the political left’s disdain for the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

‘[L]iberals who once championed expansive First Amendment rights are now uneasy about them,” says a New York Times piece called “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment.”

“Many on the left have traded an absolutist commitment to free speech for one sensitive to the harms it can inflict,” the report says.

The reason for the uneasiness, according to the Times, is that Supreme Court rulings, including the Citizens United ruling, have won cases for “conservative causes” on First Amendment grounds. The Citizens United case allows corporations to donate as much money as they want to political campaigns. The Supreme Court ruled that donations were a form of political speech and not to be denied.

Citing unspecified court decisions, the Times accuses the political right of using the First Amendment for “discrimination against gay couples and attacks on the regulation of tobacco, pharmaceuticals and guns.” That’s quite the charge to levy without any evidence.

“The left was once not just on board but leading in supporting the broadest First Amendment protections,” First Amendment lawyer Flyod Abrams told the Times. “Now the progressive community is at least skeptical and sometimes distraught at the level of First Amendment protection which is being afforded in cases brought by litigants on the right.”

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The report even quotes law professors who have reconsidered their commitment to the First Amendment.

“When I was younger, I had more of the standard liberal view of civil liberties,” said Georgetown Law Professor Louis Michael Seidman. “And I’ve gradually changed my mind about it. What I have come to see is that it’s a mistake to think of free speech as an effective means to accomplish a more just society.”

Consider the meaning of Seidman’s quote. According to him, free speech is not effective in promoting justice, thereby free speech must curbed to promote justice. Liberals are now openly admitting that they believe America’s most fundamental right to be problematic. That is insane.

The Times then quoted an even more radical position from another law professor.

“Legally, what was, toward the beginning of the 20th century, a shield for radicals, artists and activists, socialists and pacifists, the excluded and the dispossessed, has become a sword for authoritarians, racists and misogynists, Nazis and Klansmen, pornographers and corporations buying elections,” wrote University of Michigan Law professor Catharine A. MacKinnon in an essay published last year.

In other words, the First Amendment is great, as long the political left is benefitting from it. But if anyone to the right of Che Guevara demands his right to free expression as afforded to him in the Bill of Rights, he is a bigoted Nazi who must be silenced.

This is the current state of the American political left. As long as the political right is winning, the left will happily bemoan the First Amendment, and even suggest that freedom of expression should be curtailed, all while slandering the political right as “authoritarian.”


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Black Supremacist Tariq “King Flex” Nasheed has History of Authoring Sexist Books



A black supremacist and popular Twitter figure has a long and sordid history of writing books for the purpose of teaching men how to manipulate women into sex.

“The Art of Mackin’ is also the first book that tells men what to say, word for word, in order to get sex from women, guaranteed,” says the description of Nasheed’s book on Amazon, published in 2000. “By using my tried and proven methods of mackin’, men are guaranteed to increase their player ratio by at least fifty percent (50%).”

Confessedly, I have not read the books, and though I am sure they are scholarly and scientifically backed, I am not sure how the “player ratio” is measured.

“The Art of Mackin’ was the first how-to book that taught men how to actually become a true ladie’s [sic] man , and how to use certain techniques (not deceit) in order to get what they wanted from women,” the description continues. “Whether it is sex, money or companionship, this book teaches men what to say, verbatim, in order to reach their intended goal.”

Nasheed released a sequel to “The Art of Mackin'” in 2005 called “The Mack Within: The Holy Book of Game,” which teaches men “how to use ‘pimp game’ as a form of manipulation (not deceit) in order to get what they want from women,” and has a colorful review from The New York Times. 

“Nasheed breaks [the different types of women] down: there’s the Top-Notch Sista (‘when dealing with a top-notch sista, brothers have to really come correct’); the Middle Class Girl; The Hoodrat; and the Chickenhead (a classification Nasheed further splits up into the Low Budget and the Straight-Up Hoochie Chickenhead; to spot the latter, be on the lookout for gold teeth and lips that are ‘purple from smoking weed’).

The book has fantastic reviews, garnering a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

“Good book, should be in with the classics,” wrote reviewer Mark Carroll. “A must read and study for young men!! PLEASE TELL YOUR YOUNGER MEN.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Nasheed has put his illustrious literary career on hold, and has instead decided to make a career of calling everyone on Twitter a “white supremacist.”

Take the NRA for example:

“So Mariia Butina, the Russian citizen residing in D.C., was arrested yesterday, July 15, 2018, on charges of conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation within the United States,” he said. “She has ties to the white supremacist organization the NRA.

Or people who use the “okay” hand gesture:

“Here are another group of white supremacists called the Proud Boys throwing up the white nationalist gang sign” he said.

Or all Trump supporters:

“Trump is using his criticism of LaVar Ball as a dog whistle to trigger his white supremacist base,” Nahseed said. “Trump has to show that he can put “uppity negroes” in their place.”

Big League Politics reached out to Nasheed to ask if he considers himself to be a sexist, or if his views on coercing women into sex have changed. He did not respond to our request for comment.


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