New York Young Republican Club Condemns the Closure of Public Schools in New York City

The New York Young Republican Club remains one of the most outspoken right wing organizations in the nation. 

On November 19, 2020, it released a statement condemning the “cowardly decision by Democrat government officials to close New York City schools.” In the Republican youth organization’s view, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio, and New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza  demonstrated that “their obsequious nature by serving teachers’ unions’ interests rather than students.”

The group cited a number of studies and observations showing that children learn better when they are in a classroom setting with other students. On top of that, the Republican group made the case that there is scant empirical evidence of children being vectors for the spread of the Wuhan virus.

The Young Republican Club also exposed a bigger agenda that the teacher unions are trying to push during this pandemic:

Democrats’ pandering to teacher unions will have a material impact on students’ education. It will likely disproportionately harm those who belong to the impoverished communities that the Democrats claim to support. In addition, these same children’s families will struggle to find childcare to enable parents to work.

The Republican organization concluded: “This pathetic situation underscores Democrats’ vile disinterest in providing for their citizens and proves that they will prioritize entrenched and corrupt organized labor over children.”

BLP reached out to NYYRC president Gavin Wax for his take on the New York City school closures: 

“The closing of NYC public schools is the latest in a string of unscientific actions from that are designed more as political theater than effective policy prescriptions. There is no empirical evidence to show children are big vectors of the disease. In fact the case spread in NYC schools is negligible, close to .23% and the 3% limit city wide is just an arbitrary number. Asymptomatic cases are irrelevant. Hospitalizations and deaths are the key metric which is being ignored.”

New York continues its descent as one of the least free states in the country. It has gained notoriety for its botched Wuhan virus response, in which New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to place recovering Wuhan virus patients in retirement homes, which hastened the spread of the virus. Cuomo has also hurt the Hasidic Jewish community by using the pandemic as a pretext to restrict their religious gatherings.

New York state is no place for any freedom-loving person to live in these days and it’s no shock why many New Yorkers are fleeing the state for freer climes.

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