New York Young Republican Leader Calls on President Trump to Immediately Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

In a statement released on September 19, 2020, the New York Young Republican Club called on President Donald Trump to immediately nominate a Supreme Court justice following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It then urged the U.S. Senate, especially its Republican members, to confirm Trump’s potential nomination as soon as possible.

Because of the unstable nature of the 2020 election cycle, the U.S. will likely be faced with numerous legal questions about the voting process after election day in November. The Supreme Court will most assuredly have to make important decisions regarding the election’s validity during a time when there will be irregular voting patterns due to the pandemic.

For conservatives worried about the integrity of the presidential elections, getting the right Supreme Court justice nominated is crucial.

The NY Republican Club issued the following statement:

Heading into a tumultuous and highly contested presidential election, our nation requires a full bench to opine on legal questions should they arise in an election that has already presented novel issues due to the pandemic in voting and the election process. To preserve the integrity of our elections, a hallmark of healthy, functioning republics, we ask the president to exercise his constitutional duty.

BLP reached out to the President of the New York Young Republican Club Gavin Wax for his take on the recent Supreme Court vacancy. Wax commented:

As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said herself there is nothing unconstitutional about appointing a justice in the final year of a presidential term. The president should immediately nominate and the senate immediately confirm a conservative justice to the court per both of their election mandates.

The stakes are high right now in America.

A nominally conservative judiciary would at least place a handbrake on the Left’s social engineering fantasies.

In the long-term, nationalists will need to develop judicial networks that promote judges who uphold American values such as free speech and the right to bear arms, while working to strike down unconstitutional acts such as affirmative action and onerous anti-discrimination laws.

Rough times lie ahead, but in order to correct past errors, long-term planning and building of a solid nationalist infrastructure will be necessary to restoring America.

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