New York Young Republicans Club Planning “Re-Occupy Wall Street” Protest Against Rigged Stock Market Oligarchy

The New York Young Republicans Club is planning to carry out a “Re-Occupy Wall Street” protest against corrupt oligarchy on Sunday, citing the latest rigging of the stock market to protect the interests of hedge funds.

NYYRC President Gavin Wax announced the event as middle-class investors reacted to Robinhood’s removal of GameStop and AMC from its brokerage service, ensuring that bootstrap investors wouldn’t be able to fight back against Wall Street’s short-selling tactics.

After the original Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, liberal media executive and Democratic Party operatives worked to move the shift of liberal politics from economic inequality to race-based identity grievances. President Joe Biden has assured liberal billionaires that he won’t fundamentally challenge their dominance of the system.

Nine of the ten wealthiest oligarchs in America are megadonors to the Democratic Party, as Big League Politics has reported.

Reports have emerged suggesting that Biden White House figures played a role in securing the removal of GameStop stocks from Robinhood, acting at the behest of the oligarchs that coalesced around his campaign to block Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.

Progressives formerly were known to speak against corporate greed and economic inequality, but now it largely appears that Republicans and populist conservatives are poised to hold the wealthiest billionaires accountable for rigging the system to their ends.

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