New York’s ‘Excelsior Pass’ to Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in Public Life is Already Malfunctioning

New York has introduced its “Excelsior Pass” to enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates as the liberal bureaucrats refuse to let this media-generated crisis go to waste.

“New Yorkers can now use a digital certification to prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. The state has launched the Excelsior Pass. Users can share their COVID-19 vaccination, their negative test status. The pass can be used at stadiums, theatres, arenas as well as weddings and event venues,” a reporter on CBS 2 New York announced.

The clip can be seen here:

Users are already experiencing problems with the Excelsior Pass, including elderly Troy resident Nancy Mattice. She complied mindlessly with all the COVID-19 restrictions, and then lined up to get the experimental jabs because the TV told her to do so. Still, she cannot return to society because her vaccine passport is malfunctioning.

“It asks you these challenge questions and one of the challenge questions was the date of the vaccine. One of them was the date of my last vaccine, and nothing even near it,” she said about the pass.

“I was terribly concerned about it. I really felt like I was going to be under house arrest,” Mattice added. “That I did exactly what I was supposed to do, got both vaccinations, but now, because of this, I would be shut out.”

She became even more frustrated after having to deal with the Kafka-esque health care system. She talked to health department officials, local politicians and her pharmacy begging for answers but found that her information was not even in the system.

“I called Walgreens, and they swore up and down they entered it,” Mattice said. “They tried entering it again and they were unable.”

Since going public with her story, Mattice has met dozens of others who have encountered similar problems. In typical fashion, the state is denying any problems and claiming that their program is flawless.

“There are no technical issues or glitches. Excelsior Pass is a new, innovative, first-in-the-nation program, and as such, user questions are expected,” the New York State Department of Health said.

Big League Politics has reported on how devious bureaucrats and scientists are exploiting COVID-19 mass hysteria to make technocratic power-grabs that would make George Orwell wince:

The coronavirus pandemic is being used to escalate the push for Big Brother, and tech corporations are salivating at the opportunity to help enforce social distancing edicts with terrifying innovations.

The Intercept has reported on the push to slap FitBit-style bracelets onto people in order to track them and coerce their behavior. AiRISTA Flow, a tech firm based out of Maryland, is marketing bracelets that would beep whenever a person comes within six feet of another individual in the workplace.

“When people come within six feet of each other for a period of time,” the company wrote in a press release about their creepy and invasive device, “the device makes an audible chirp and a record of the contact is made in the AiRISTA Flow software system.”

The technology would also allow employers to track every violation of social distancing edicts committed by their workers. The workers could then be reprimanded, or even fired, based off of the information gathered by the device.

The Redpoint Positioning Corporation is developing similar technology to turn employers into quarantine enforcement brigades. They have announced that they are working on modifying “cutting-edge technology … already used by leading companies worldwide in third-party logistics, auto manufacturing, mine operation” to be used in the enforcement of social distancing edicts. They plan on tagging people and products in the workplace to allow employers to institute Draconian restrictions on the freedom of movement.

“If social distancing parameters, such as a 1- or 2-meter radius, are violated between workers, the tag alarm will alert them to the hazard,” Redpoint wrote in their press release.

“If an infection does occur, historical data from the system will allow for highly accurate contact tracing, as records can show the individuals who were near the infected party,” they added.

Israeli surveillance firm SuperCom is repackaging services that are used on criminals to enforce home confinement on ordinary people in the workplace. They are calling their service “PureCare,” and it is described as a “state-of-the-art solution for quarantine and isolation monitoring to aid government efforts in containing and limiting the reach of infectious diseases.” They claim it is “a non-intrusive patient friendly system that constantly tracks patient location within buildings, vehicles and outside.”

They noted in their press release that they have experienced a sharp increase in “government agencies looking to restrict the spread of COVID-19 among their general population” and anticipate “additional potential industry demand for electronic monitoring services coming from the incarcerated American population.”

If these types of overreaches are not resisted immediately, Big Brother will become a permanent fixture of life, and civilization as we know it will cease to exist.

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