Newest Democrat Presidential Contender: Random Florida Mayor

Wayne Messam Declares Candidacy

The sixteenth Democrat to announce his candidacy for President of the United States is Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, Florida.

Messam is the latest Democrat to announce his candidacy, having launched his campaign with a website devoid of any platform or clearly identified positions on key issues, and a YouTube video with just over 5,000 views at press time.

The candidate is the son of Jamaican immigrants, as he notes in his launch video, and was the first black mayor of Miramar. He unseated a 16-year incumbent to attain the elected office, garnering a mere 2,756 votes to secure the position. He ran one reelection campaign, and received just under 6,000 votes.

His campaign launch video, which shows him running and stretching on a dirt road, stresses the importance of his immigrant heritage and pursuing the American dream. However, he did not clearly articulate a single policy in the campaign launch video.

Messam confusingly rambled into the camera, saying “The problem in America as I see it is that we are not addressing these high-stakes problems that we must deal with today,” then went on to list various examples, including senior citizens who cannot afford prescription medicine, the importance of believing in climate change hysteria, and student loan debt, reaffirming after each example that “Washington is broken.”

The Messam campaign website, as with the video, is devoid of content. It offers several paragraphs summarizing Messam’s life story, but does not currently have a single page devoted to issues or positions. Instead, Messam encourages visitors to donate, so he can reach the 65,000 individual donations the Democrat Party requires candidates to achieve before they will be given a coveted position on the debate stage.

Messam’s candidacy marks the 16th Democrat to join the presidential race for 2020. In addition to the 16 declared candidates, CNN reports that another 11 candidates are considering a run, including likely front runner and former Vice President Joe Biden, bringing the total number of potential and confirmed candidates to 27.

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