Newsweek Contributor Trashes White Liberals On CNN

Woke White liberals at a protest.

Newsweek is not exactly a friend of conservatives. While still making a conscious effort to remain a news agency instead of a propaganda department, no one is perfect and News week is considered by many to display a slightly liberal social bias. This is why many were surprised when one of their editors broke ranks from the mainstream social agenda when she went on CNN.

According to Fox News, Newsweek’s deputy opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon called out White liberals as well as liberal media oligarchs for using what she considers to be the real detriments of the modern-day Black American experience to gain clout and social brownie points.

During the interview, Unger-Sargon formulated a working definition of the term “woke”, crediting the field of sociology and the Black community for initially coming up with the term and putting it to practical use. She went on to classify certain dispositions as part of the definition of being “woke”, such as seeing an insistence on meritocracy as White supremacy as well as to actively support the defunding of police departments.

Ungar-Sargon was keen to reiterate during her interview her view on the supposed importance of talking about what she sees as the continued mistreatment of Black Americans by the governmental system, which gave rise to the term “woke” as a slang term used in Black communities to describe being aware of these supposedly systemic issues.

Ungar-Sargon also brought up the cultural phenomenon known to many as “the awokening” whose origins she traces back to around 2015 as many others tend to do as well. She even went as far as to assert that many White liberals started to have “more extreme views on race” compared to even activist minorities. To illustrate her assertion, she pointed out that the push to defund police comes primarily from highly educated White liberals whereas “81 percent” of Black Americans are opposed to this.

Unger-Sargon then summarizes her findings by concluding that White liberals are, at least in effect, “using the pain of African Americans in order to withdraw from the common good and abandon the working class of all races.”

With regards to media biases, Ungar-Sargon explained how scrupulous data mining through media publications reveal that starting about a decade ago, many media outlets started significantly increasing the frequency of what is today recognized as “woke words” such as White privilege, systemic racism, oppression, marginalization, etc. which she argues was an attempt to court college-educated White liberals who were the disproportionate consumers of this sort of content, which inadvertently created a “feedback loop” which essentially led to like-minded individuals confiding with each other and distancing themselves from everyone else.

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