Nigel Farage Warns British Conservatives to Not Bow Down to Red China

Nigel Farage, the architect of Brexit, has been jumping for joy in the last month, as his country has now made its decision to leave the European Union final.

Brexit represented a populist revolt against globalism from Brussels.

It was a harbinger to populist uprisings across Europe and even America with the election of Donald Trump.

However, it was only a first step.

Now, the independent United Kingdom has various challenges that lie ahead.

One of them being the rise of China.

The government of current Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently invited Chinese tech giant Huawei to help build Britain’s 5G network infrastructure.

For Farage, such a development is startling, which he detailed at length in a piece for Newsweek.

He declared “I think the time has come for people to pick sides” and posed the following question: “are we to remain with the Western democracies that have always been our allies, or are we to throw our lot in with the Chinese Communist Party?”

The Brexit Party founder believes “There is no room for compromise.”

Farage called for a “full-scale rebellion within Britain’s ruling Conservative Party” in order to make sure that China does not have a massive presence in the U.K.

In his view, “China has bought and paid for the UK establishment.”

Despite leaving the EU, Farage is of the opinion “that the same establishment that sold out our nation to the European Union is now selling us out to China.”  He cited the example of British Steel being sold to the Chinese company, Jingye, despite fielding competitive bids from other countries across the globe.

The Brexit leader even called attention to America’s concern with Huawei potentially entering the UK’s 5G market.

President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told the Oxford Union about the U.S. government’s concern about Britain letting Huawei develop its 5G infrastructure He commented: “Our governments share a tremendous amount of security information. We are very much concerned that integrity of that information is hardwired into your computer systems, and if you folks go forward with the decision to include Huawei, it will have a direct and dramatic impact on our ability to share information with you. Period, end of story.”

Such a move is potentially damaging American and British relations. After Trump caught wind of the U.K.’s negotiations to let Huawei develop its 5G network, Trump was reportedly “apoplectic” over the decision and now relations between the otherwise friendly countries might be fraying.

If the Johnson government does not reverse course, they will essentially have left one master—the EU— to then be under the grip of a new master —China.

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