Nikki Haley Tweets Photo with Deep State Conspirator John Brennan

Nikki Haley tweeted a photo Sunday of a panel she participated in at a National Basketball Association event, with a surprising participant standing just to her right.

Standing next to the former South Carolina governor and Trump administration UN ambassador was none other than John Brennan, the former CIA director and unhinged anti-Trump partisan commonly regarded as the walking embodiment of the Deep State.

Brennan has attracted adulation from liberals and condemnation from conservatives for his calls to remove President Trump from office, by whatever means necessary. It might come as a surprise to see a former Trump administration official appearing on a panel with him.

Leading neoconservatives have spoken about their hopes that Haley, who was always at odds ideologically with President Trump’s foreign policy views, would challenge the President in the Republican Primary for the 2020 election. However, Haley has dismissed that possibility.

After some of her Twitter followers seemed surprised that Haley would appear on the NBA panel with Brennan, she made it clear that she hadn’t selected who she’d be doing the event with.

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