Nina Jankowicz Wants to Sue Fox News For Alleged Lies

Nina Jankowicz, the former head of the Disinformation Governance Board, crowdfunded a lawsuit against Fox News for what she believed were “malicious, reckless lies” launched against her.

The Biden regime asserted that this board was established to combat false narratives surrounding human trafficking taking place at the border and domestic terrorism. However, Christina Maas of Reclaim the Net noted that critics viewed it “as a Ministry of Truth that the government could use to censor speech it doesn’t like.”

“After my position was announced, baseless claims that the board was an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ and I was President Biden’s chief censor spread,” Jankowicz stated in a five-minute video begging for funds. “Fox News launched overly-personalized, false, and incendiary coverage of me, mainstreaming online conspiracy theories to tens of millions of Americans.”

She claimed that Fox News spread lies about her.

“They lied and completely manufactured my past statements. They called me a liar. They called me crazy,” stated Jankowicz. “And they told their audience I was evil.”

“Fox News irrevocably changed my life…I’ve lost something irreplaceable: peace with my son during his first year in the world.”

“Fox can’t keep getting away with targeting Americans for their hateful rhetoric and lies. Trying to silence professionals doing their jobs is not journalism. It’s vigilantism. And that’s ruining lives. So please donate what you can,” she added.

She was looking to raise $100,000 for assisting with her defamation lawsuit.

The House Judiciary Committee has made “several requests” to Jankowicz for “information relating to” the Disinformation Board’s activities, but little information has been provided.

Should Jankowicz continue avoiding the requests “The Committee is prepared to resort to compulsory process,” House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan wrote, “if necessary, to obtain your testimony and this material.”“The Committee on the Judiciary is authorized to conduct oversight of matters involving civil liberties, including free speech and the First Amendment, pursuant to the Rules of the House of Representatives,” Jordan added. 

The likes of Jankowicz must be punished for their political misbehavior. Arguments will not deter these people from engaging in bad political behavior, and therefore, must be brought to heel through prudential state force. 

Ultimately, these people must be put in their place if we want any form of normalcy to take place. 

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